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“Mideast deception”
by Art Sadlier   
October 8th, 2007

Today there are news analysts who are revising the history of Mideast events. They are putting a spin on the whole Mideast scenario.

It is true, that if you tell a lie often enough and long enough people will come to believe the lie!

Jesus said that the last days' scenario would be characterized by deception.

FIRST it is being propigated that Israel started the War of 1948 (War of Independance) in order to drive the Palestinians out of their midst. That is a deception, a lie! The Palestinians attacked Israel because they declared themselves to be an Independant State. George Marshall, the American Secretary of State warned David Bengurion that if he declared a Jewish State, there would not be a Jew left alive in palestine within three days, that was the threat of the Palestinians.

The truth is that the Palestinians' leadership at that time, ordered and encouraged whole towns to leave Israel. In the meantime, Israel became a national entity with national powers and authority, with the right to allow or not allow people to come into the country. The very same situation occured between Pakistan and India when populations were relocated after a territorial dispute in which land was divided. Many times Jews have been deported from Arab Countries, having their properties confiscated without compensation.

SECOND It has been repeatedly stated that Israel had no right to occupy the West Bank after the War of 1967. The War of 1967 was a war in which Israel was defending herself from an aggressor who was seeking to anihalate her. That was the often stated Arab claim. The West Bank, at that time, was not a Country, in fact, the Palestinians had no national status there, and still do not today, they were not and are not a State.

Today the U.N. and Governments, demand that Israel give up the West Bank. The real issue is that while the nations say the West Bank does not belong to Israel, God's Word says that it does belong to Israel.

THIRDLY it is claimed that Iran does not really want to destroy Israel, they just want to destroy Zionism. If you have ever listened Ahmadinejad rail against Israel and America while their flagsare burned, and the thousands chant death to Israel and death to America, you cannot miss the real intention of Ahmadinejad. All kinds of arguments are made - Ahmadinejad doesn't speak for Iran, he doesn't really mean what he says, he will soon be out of power.

What motivates men to deny the realities of this present world situation, I believe the answer is that men are deceived and are deceiving others.

FOURTHLY it is stated that we should not worry about Iran. We ought to withdraw from the Mideast, and let them solve their problems themselves.

It has been stated that we need not attack Iran's Nuclear Facilities, it will be 10 to 20 years before Iran develops nuclear weapons, if ever.

Strange that poor countries like Pakistan and North Korea, can develop nuclear weapons, but rich Iran cannot. What is the motive of those who talk like this?

FIFTHLY we are told that America and the West should get out of the Mideast and leave them to work out their problems.

That fails to come to grips with 9/11 and the fact that the Islamification of Europe is now past the point of no return, remember that an Islamic State will take away all our rights and freedoms, we in the West, are under siege by Islam.

SIXTHLY the analysts say that you cannot solve secular problems with religious solutions. The problem is that the secularist rules God out of existence and seeks to shut Him out of His world.

The world's great problem, at this moment, is a religious problem. There is a confrontation of two gods, one that exists and one that does not!

Islam says there is no god but Allah, and Allah must ultimately rule the world. That is behind in their entire agenda.

Jehovah tells us that He has a program to redeem the world and to send His Son, Jesus Christ to rule the world.

The secularist cannot comprehend the real issues because they reject the God who is ultimately in control of this world.

The sad thing is that the secularist's ideas are penetrating the minds of some who claim to be christians.

I repeat what I said last week. Jehovah has given Ishmael over 98% of the land in the Mideast. He has endowed that land with incredible oil wealth, enough wealth to enable Ishmael to live in prosperity.

Jehovah has given Israel less than 2% of the land of the Mideast, a land with no apparent oil, but a land of rich soil.

The great question is: Why is Ishmael not content with what God has given to her, why does she also want what God has given to Israel?

I repeat, Ishmael could resettle the Palestinians on their vast land and with their vast wealth to help them to be productive and prosperous.

Ishmael's problem is that she is worshipping the wrong god. God is not against Ishmael - one day many sons of Ishmael will turn to Jehovah and His Christ, and He will richly bless them on the land He has alloted to them.

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