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“Who Should Tell Them?”
by Roger Oakland   
March 6th, 2018

If it is really true we are living in the last days this would mean there is very little time left before Jesus Christ returns for His church. If all the signs indicate this could happen, then how should Christians be living their lives? Shouldn’t we be reaching out with the gospel message while there is still time?

It should be clear that the decision to accept who Jesus is and what He has done is of infinite importance. Why are not more Christians telling those who are not believers how important this message is? Is it possible that God’s adversary has blinded their minds and they don’t know it?

For a moment let us reconsider the significance of the current events that are underway all over the world, and how these events line up with what the Bible describes will occur during the “last days”. If in the past, the Bible has been 100% accurate regarding events that were prophesied about the future, and knowing that the Bible claims that all Scripture is inspired by God, should we not be enthusiastic when we see that the events associated with the return of Jesus Christ are happening all around us.

Stop and think! We live in very important days. How exciting it is to know that God has permitted us to live at this time in History. Let us pray that we will live our lives fully committed to the One who has called us, and that we will make every moment count for now and eternity. The time is short. Let us make the very most of the time we have left.

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