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“The Christian and the Theater:”
October 1st, 2007

Written in the 1820s, almost two centuries ago, the message below may seem narrow and absurd to Christians today. We forget that Jesus called us to walk His narrow road with Him! No matter how far the Church drifts from its Biblical moorings God’s call and guidelines remain the same. Like it or not, this is an important warning.

“When you return from the playhouse [now it’s TV, movies, etc.]... have you any taste for prayer, for reading the Scriptures, or holding communion with God in any sacred exercise? How common it is to find in the language of the theater the most unqualified profaneness, and even blasphemy! How often are mock-prayers and irreverent appeals to the Majesty of heaven, exhibited on the most trivial occasions! How often is the dialogue interspersed with such unchaste expressions or allusions as cannot but grievously pain the ear of modesty -- Piety and virtue are made to appear contemptible; and vice, in the person of some favorite hero, is exhibited as attractive, honorable, and triumphant.

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