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“Strange behavior in israel”
by Art Sadlier   
September 17th, 2007

Why do Israeli Leaders do the things they do? Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister and his government have given the Muslims permission to use bulldozers to literally pulverize the Temple Mount. They have recently dug a trench 1300' long and 5' deep, destroying priceless archaeological artifacts from the first and second Temple era.

At the same time, Jewish archaeologists are not allowed to inspect the damage.

It has been reported, several times, that Olmert is willing to give up the Temple Mount and East Jerusalem.

The question that begs an Answer is: "why would Jewish Leaders give away to their enemies, the Holiest site in Judaism?"

Joseph Farah has stated "Olmert, Peres and the inner sanctum of the Israeli political elite fear the Temple Mount, they always have. In fact, ever since Israel captured the site in June, 1967, fools like Olmert and Peres have been skulking about trying to figure out a way to rid themselves and their country of it."

He continues, "Why do they fear it?"

"Because they know if it remains in the possession of the Jewish people long enough, the Jewish people will obey their God and rebuild the Temple. This would be unthinkable to the Israeli political elite. They believe the Israeli government is the one, true god of the Israeli people. The Israeli political elite do not recognze the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They do not recognize the God who gave the Jewish people the land deed for their nation. They do not recognize the God who promised that the Jewish people would be restored to the land."

He continues, "The Israeli political elite believe they are wiser than God. So they want to remove the temptation of the superstitious Jewish people to rebuild their silly old temple by handing the foundation to people who want to destroy all Jews."

Olmert and his likeminded political associates remind me of another group of Jewish leaders, who 3500 years ago went into the Promised Land as spies, away back at Kadesh Barnea. They concluded, we can't possess the land, we can't trust God to give it to us, we can't believe the promises of God.

Those faithless doubters of God and His promises brought disaster upon the nation. Every Jew 20 years of age and older died in the wilderness as punishment for unbelief, except faithful Caleb and Joshua.

Today, Olmert and his like, will also bring disaster down upon the nation because of unbelief. (see Zech. 13;8, 9)

Despite Olmert's attempts to give the Temple Mount away, the Temple will be rebuilt. God's program for Israel will go forward, even though, tragically, it involves a terrible chastening for Israel. That chastening will ulimately bring Israel into a wonderful eternal relationship with God.

Olmert doesn't believe God, he doesn't want a theocratic state in Israel. He wants a liberal, secular democracy after the European model. He is doing everything he can to remove the possibility that the Jewish people will turn back to God and rebuild the Temple and eliminate the secular government now in power.

Not only does he want to rid himself and Israel of the Temple, but he also is willing to give away the very land God promised Israel, (the following is an item from Israel INN.)

"The Palestinian Authority's MAAN News Agency has published a copy, in Hebrew, of P.M.Olmert's agreement to expel tens of thousands of Jews and replace them with a Palestinian State. The report states that Israel has agreed to begin destroying Jewish Towns in Judea and Samaria immediately following the U.S.Sponsored International Summit this coming November."


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