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“Unheeded warnings”
by Art Sadlier   
September 10th, 2007

There is a stunning parallel between the days preceding the O.T. "DAY OF THE LORD". and our own day. We are certainly living in the days preceding the Final Great "DAY OF THE LORD" Judgment upon Israel and the Gentile Nations.

Jeremiah warned Israel of the coming "DAY OF THE LORD" Judgment upon them. He said, your sin and apostasy and idolatry is about to bring the Lord's wrath down upon you. The Lord is about to send the enemy to utterly destroy you.

Israel's answer was, "Jeremiah, you're crazy, we are the people of God, we haven't done anything wrong, God is not going to judge us. Jeremiah, you don't speak for God, you are speaking lies. So the warnings of God, through Jeremiah, went unheeded, and the Babylonians came and totally destroyed them.

Today the warning signs of the coming "DAY OF THE LORD" are everywhere. Tragically, they are being totally ignored as they were by Judah 2600 years ago.

There are several categories of warnings from the Lord - we can but touch on a few of them.

EARTHQUAKES are occurring at an increasing rate, both in numbers and in size. Many large earthquakes are now occurring that are scarcely even reported in the Major News Media. Large earthquakes are now weekly, and sometimes daily, occurances. (see the Sept. S.T.T.,The beginning sorrows)


  1. 2004 - Japan had a record number of typhoons.
  2. 2004 - Florida had a record number of hurricanes.
  3. 2004 - Cyclone Catarinia is the only South Atlantic cyclone ever to reach hurricane strength.
  4. 2005 - Katrina, the most costly hurricane in history.
  5. 2005 - Rita was the most powerful Atlantic storm ever recorded.
  6. 2005 - A record, 27 storms in one season in the Atlantic.
  7. 2006 - Monica, the most intense cyclone ever in Australia.
  8. 2006 - Typhoon Saomai the most powerful to hit China.
  9. 2007 - Cyclone Gonu the strongest cyclone on record in the Arabian Sea.
  10. 2007 - The first time 2 category 5 Atlantic storms came ashore in the same season.
  11. 2007 - The first time an Atlantic and Pacific hurricane hit in the same day.

ANOTHER WARNING is the Economic Time Bomb that is threatening to destroy the lifestyle we have so long enjoyed. China holds 1.33 trillion dollars in U.S. currencty reserves and 900 billion dollars in U.S.Bonds. We are told that if China were to move a significant portion of those U.S.dollars to another currency, the U.S. dollar would collapse as others would move quickly to transfer their holdings to avoid the loss.

Last week the Telegraph reported, "a sharp drop in foreign holdings of U.S.Treasury bonds over the last five weeks has raised concerns that China is quietly withdrawing its funds from the United States, leaving the U.S.dollar increasingly vulnerable."

NUCLEAR WARNINGS, the alarming spread of nuclear bombs and devices among rogue states and terrorists is frightening to contemplate. Iran seems poised to get nuclear weapons to match their long range missiles, and carry out their promise to annihilate Israel.

ISRAEL'S PRECARIOUS POSITION also indicates the the "DAY OF THE LORD"is near at hand. Syria, Hezbollah,Hamas and Iran have enough missiles trained on Israel to annihilate her. The whole military build-up around Israel indicates a climax is near at hand.

In the midst of all of these flashing warning signs that indicate the Day Of The Lord is at hand, we, in North America, are in a state of denial. Pleasure, materialism, and indulgence has anesthetized the minds and souls of our people.

We are insensitive to the message of John in the Book of Revelation that says: "by the mid point in the seven years of tribulation, one half of the world's population will be dead".

When I Shout, "CHRIST IS COMING" and 'THE DAY OF THE LORD IS AT HAND" is there anyone who hears the message? Do we hear instead what Jeremiah heard, "Jeremiah, you're crazy, you are an alarmist, we are God's favorites, there is no judgment coming!

I keep going back to the words of Jesus, "WHEN YE SHALL SEE ALL THESE THINGS, KNOW THAT IT IS NEAR, EVEN AT THE DOOR."

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