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“The Days Are Darkening”
March 1st, 2007

Chris Hedges, a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and former Pulitzer prize-winning foreign correspondent for the New York Times, alleges (in a book and on national television) “the engine that drives the radical Christian right in the US (Evangelicals), the most dangerous mass movement in history, is not religiosity, but despair.” He goes on to say, “they are most easily manipulated by demagogues, who promise a fantastic Utopia, whether it’s a workers paradise, or the second coming of Jesus Christ.”

If our Lord should tarry, we face some dark days. I believe one of the greatest needs of the hour is for the Lord’s Shepherds to “teach the Word”, to “feed the Flock”, to “equip the Saints”. To build up and prepare God’s people for whatever lies ahead. Pray for the Shepherds!

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