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“Antichrist's coming kingdom”
by Art Sadlier   
September 3rd, 2007

For over 50 years, we have watched the revived Roman Empire developing in Europe. Today the E.U. states boldly, we are the revived Roman Empire and we have come to impact the world.

Next July, Nicolas Sarkozy of France will assume the presidency of the E.U. In his first major policy speech, August 27th, Sarkozy gave some insights as to the direction he intends to lead the E.U.

As we examine his speech, we see that the scenario he pictures is a scenario that mirrors the coming kingdom of antichrist.

He indicated that he wants to turn the E.U. into a decisive player in the global arena. "Europe must progressively affirm itself as a first-rank player for peace and security, in cooperation with the United Nations, the Atlantic Alliance and the African Union," Sarkozy said.

He is demanding U.N. security council seats for Germany, Japan, India and representation from Africa. He is also pushing for China, India, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa to be included in the G8 industrial group.

After making these overtures to bring the world closer together, he makes the following significant statement. "The European Union alone has accumulated, during the process of building the community, the practical experience of a shared sovereignty that corresponds well to the demands of our times."

He is clearly implying that the need of our times is for the nations of the world to come together and share their sovereignty (yield their sovereignty). He also states that the E.U. is the only group that can lead this move and make it happen.

He goes on to say, "The E.U. bloc has at it disposal a broad palatte of instruments, ranging from military force to humanitarian and financial means."

He also indicated that he is prepared to lead in the solving of the world's major problems, such as relations between the West and Islam, and preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Sarkozy is also calling for the E.U. nations to dramatically expand their military budget and to unify their military might. If the 27 nations of the E.U. were to put their armies under a central control, they would have the world's largest army.

The whole message sounds like the laying of the ground work for the coming of antichrist to set up his worldwide kingdom.

When antichrist comes, he will convince the nations to share their sovereignty with him! He will seem to solve the world's problems. He will take control of the world's economy and he will control a mighty military force.

We are in no way suggesting that Sarkozy is the antichrist. Paul teaches antichrist will not be revealed before the church is raptured. What we are saying is that the stage is being set for antichrist to come and fulfill his role.

To those unfamiliar with the prophetic scripture or to those whose hearts are closed to God's Word, this all seems like wild imaginations. To those who know and understand God's Word, it is awesome to see the Scriptures being fulfilled before our very eyes.

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