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“The Great Apostasy”
by Art Sadlier   
March 1st, 2007

The word “Apostasy” means departure from or removal from, the moving away from a previously held position, a departure from the truth of God’s Word to which one once held.

Apostasy began in Paul’s day; he referred to it in Acts 20:29,30. The apostasy which began in Paul’s day has grown exponentially down over the long church age. Today we have the great monolithic structure of Christendom which has departed from the truth of Scripture, although it still claims to be the Church of Jesus Christ. Paul tells us in 2 Thess. 2: 2,3 that when the true Church is taken out of the world, the remaining professing, but unregenerate Church, will totally turn away from the Word of God. I quote the Berean call, “at a certain point in the future, there will be a total rejection of Biblical Christianity, succeeded by the religion of Antichrist: it will maintain a veneer of Christianity which will prove acceptable to all religions.” - T.A. McMahon

Today we are witnessing the stage being set for that coming apostasy. In many fundamental, evangelical churches, experience is given equal authority with the Word of God, that’s Apostasy!

Humanistic programs have replaced that for which God’s Word calls, that’s Apostasy!

A false gospel is being declared, “Just receive Christ as your Saviour”, leaving out repentance, the whole context of the gospel, that’s Apostasy!

The teaching of humanistic psychology, even though the prefix “Christian” has been added is a departure from the teaching of God’s Word, that’s Apostasy!

The acceptance of groups which in there beliefs and teachings deny the gospel, that’s Apostasy!

The seeker-sensitive church-growth movement has pushed experientialism (and its close kin, pragmatism) into overdrive through the power of marketing. Sound doctrine, necessarily, is left by the wayside while churches meet the “felt needs” of consumers who are targeted as potential Christians.

Conviction of sin doesn’t feel good, nor does it sell well. The wishful thinking of a purpose-driven church that would attract the lost by turning to the world’s methods has become a Titanic that has ignored warnings and jettisoned its compass of the doctrine of Christ. While the orchestra searches for a contemporary chorus replacement for “Nearer My God to Thee,” the vessel is sinking into the depths of compromise while dispensing temporal lifejackets to save the world from its problems. T A McMahon

The removal of the Body of Christ from the world is near at hand as unregenerate Christianity steams toward total Apostasy!

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