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by From the Internet   
January 5th, 2019

Sweden EBOLA WARNING: Europe on alert as hospital ward CLOSED as patient has deadly virus
A PATIENT in Sweden has reportedly been struck down with Ebola according to local media reports. The patient’s identity is still unknown, but is currently in isolation at a University Hospital in Uppsala. The patient’s test results are expected on Friday evening. Ebola is one of the world’s most dangerous diseases and killed over 11,000 people during an epidemic in Africa that started in 2014., while an outbreak is still active in the Democratic Republic of Congo

U.S. airstrike in Somalia kills 10 al-Shabab extremists
The U.S. military says it has carried out an airstrike in southwestern Somalia that killed 10 members of the al-Shabab extremist group. The U.S. Africa Command statement says the airstrike occurred Wednesday near Dheerow Sanle to “diminish al-Shabab’s freedom of movement and to increase pressure on the terrorist network.”

Romney ripped by his GOP boss niece over anti-Trump op-ed
Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel took to social media to rebuke her uncle and ignite a family feud for writing an anti-Trump column published in a leftist Washington, D.C., daily. “POTUS is attacked and obstructed by the MSM media and Democrats 24/7,” McDaniel tweeted. “For an incoming Republican freshman senator to attack @realdonaldtrump as their first act feeds into what the Democrats and media want and is disappointing and unproductive.”

Judicial Watch Exposes 1.5 MILLION Inactive Voters STILL on the Rolls in California
Judicial Watch announced today that it signed a settlement agreement with the State of California and County of Los Angeles under which they will begin the process of removing from their voter registration rolls as many as 1.5 million inactive registered names that may be invalid. These removals are required by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

What to watch in 2019: Russia building dangerous military alliance with Iran, Turkey, Libya and other enemies of Israel as U.S. withdraws from Syria.
As 2019 begins, I will be writing a series of columns on leaders, countries and global trend lines to keep a close eye upon. Chief among them: Russian President Vladmir Putin’s diplomatic and military activity in recent months. Putin is steadily building strategic alliances with Israel’s worst enemies, from the leaders of Iran who long to create a nuclear-armed Persian empire to President Recep Erdogan of Turkey who sees himself as a modern day sultan longing to create a new Ottoman empire.

Pompeo Warns Iran on Space Launch Vehicles, ‘Identical’ to Ballistic Missiles
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Iran on Thursday about activating space-launch vehicles, which officials and experts contend is a cover for the regime’s ballistic-missile program, that the Islamic Republic announced would occur “in the coming months.” The U.S. top diplomat said that such a launch would violate U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231, …

Plague of Blood Red Rivers Suddenly Appears in Multiple Locations
The first plague that struck Biblical Egypt made several reappearances last week as rivers in Malawi Africa and in Indonesia turned blood-red.

Falling Into Place: Top 10 Bible Prophecy-Related Stories Of 2018
Almost one-third of the Bible relates to eschatology or Bible prophecy. I think we can conclude that a lot of what is happening today foreshadows “things to come.” Some of the predicted signs will manifest in the Church Age. Most are Tribulation events that are casting a giant shadow today.

U.S. warns Iran of new sanctions if it launches weaponized space vehicles 
The United States warned Iran of new sanctions if it launched three Space Launch Vehicles, that have technology which is akin to that used in ballistic missile. “We advise the regime to reconsider these provocative launches and cease all activities related to ballistic missiles in order to avoid deeper economic and diplomatic isolation,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement he issued on Thursday.

Egypt’s Sisi: Military cooperation with Israel at unprecedented levels 
Military cooperation between Egypt and Israel has reached unprecedented levels in the Sinai Peninsula, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said in an interview with CBS News. When asked by CBS if security this cooperation with Israel was the closest ever between two countries that once were once enemies, he said “That is correct…we have a wide range of cooperation with the Israelis.”

Suspicious Iranian cargo plane made 72 flights since September 
An Iranian cargo plane that has been flagged as flying suspicious cargo to Damascus and Beirut made dozens of flights in the fall of 2017, according to flight tracking data. An analysis of the flights shows that this plane routinely flies to Damascus and also has flown to Beirut, Qatar and Istanbul. Western intelligence sources said in September that Fars Air Qeshm, a civilian airline in Iran, was “suspected of smuggling weapons into Lebanon,” reports indicated.

Thailand Pabuk: Tourist spots hit by worst storm in decades
Tropical storm Pabuk has begun pelting southern Thailand with rain and wind, in what is expected to be the worst storm to hit the region in 30 years. The storm made landfall at 12:45 local time (05:45 GMT) in the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat, the meteorological department said. It is expected to move across southern Thailand, hitting popular tourist spots.

US issues fresh travel warning after China detentions
The US state department has urged Americans to “exercise increased caution” when travelling to China after a spate of high-profile detentions. Its updated advice says dual US-Chinese nationals are at particular risk from so-called exit bans that prevent them from leaving. Canada also revealed that 13 Canadians had been detained since 1 December.

German politicians targeted in ‘mass hack attack’
Hundreds of German politicians including Chancellor Angela Merkel have had personal details hacked and published online, reports say. Contacts, private chats and financial details were put out on Twitter which belong to figures from every political party except the far-right AfD. Data from celebrities and journalists also appear to have been leaked.

Is this the Islamic State group’s last stand in Syria?
US President Donald Trump has described Syria as just “sand and death”, as he defended his decision to withdraw American troops from the conflict. But the Kurdish militia and Arab tribes who are battling the Islamic State group in the country are warning that his decision could result in disaster. The Syrian Democratic Forces say the move could lead to a resurgence of the extremist Islamist group…

Genetically modified ‘shortcut’ boosts plant growth by 40%
Scientists in the US have engineered tobacco plants that can grow up to 40% larger than normal in field trials. The researchers say they have found a way of overcoming natural restrictions in the process of photosynthesis that limit crop productivity. They believe the method could be used to significantly boost yields from important crops including rice and wheat.

Iran to send warships to the Atlantic, closer to U.S. waters
The Iranian navy will send warships to deploy in the Atlantic from March, a top commander said on Friday, as the Islamic Republic seeks to increase the operating range of its naval forces to the backyard of the United States, its arch foe. Iran sees the presence of U.S. aircraft carriers in the Gulf as a security concern and its navy has sought to counter that by showing the flag near American waters.

Croatia gives Israel deadline on F-16 jets sale amid U.S. row
Croatia on Thursday urged Israel to overcome a rare disagreement with the U.S. and confirm whether it can carry through on a deal to sell 12 used F-16 fighter jets, adding that otherwise the purchase will be annulled. Croatia’s Defense Ministry said it needs an answer from Israel by January 11. The tentative $500 million deal to buy the upgraded F-16 Barak fighter jets from Israel was made in March last year pending U.S. approval…

China slashes banks’ reserve requirements again as growth slows
China’s central bank said on Friday it was cutting the amount of cash that banks have to hold as reserves for the fifth time in a year, freeing up $116 billion for new lending as it tries to reduce the risk of a sharp economic slowdown. The move comes amid mounting worries about the health of the world’s second-largest economy, which is facing both slowing demand at home and punishing U.S. tariffs on its exported goods.

Trump: Iran can do what it wants in Syria
US President says predecessor Obama already lost Syria, all that is left is ‘sand and death.’

New Dem congresswoman literally wipes Israel off her office map 
The anti-Israel wing of the Democrat party is already making a stir on day one of its congressional tenure.  The office of incoming Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., who claims Palestinian heritage, has placed a so-called correction on the map in her office, replacing the sovereign state of Israel with a post-it note that says “Palestine” on it.

Frightening Report: Orange County, Florida, America’s Tourist Capitol, Has Highest Level of Sex Offenders
A new report released by the state of Florida has determined that Orange County is home to the highest concentrations of sex offenders in the state of Florida, according to reports from the Associated Press and WFTV.

Evangelical groups hop on LGBTQ bandwagon
The recent action by the boards of two organizations that have been nationally visible as representing conservative evangelicals is “The Great Evangelical Sellout” for a number of critical reasons,.

PEW Says Christians ‘Overrepresented’ In Congress
Christians are “overrepresented” in Congress compared to their representation in U.S. society, a new PEW report found.

Scientists Have Invented a Graphene-Based Sieve That Turns Seawater Into Drinking Water
Researchers have achieved a major turning point in the quest for efficient desalination by announcing the invention of a graphene-oxide membrane that sieves salt right out of seawater.

Lesbian ‘Batwoman’ Series Gets Green Light at CW
The CW network has announced that it is going ahead with a pilot episode order for Batwoman based on a lesbian comic book character created in 2006.

Emmanuel Macron Grants Asylum To ISIS leader who Slaughtered 1,700 soldiers
The Islamic State (ISIS) leader, who posed as a refugee was granted political asylum in France by Emmanuel Macron, was responsible for the 2014 slaughter of some 1,700 soldiers near the northern Iraq town.

Is Romney Delivering a Thinly Veiled Assassination Threat to Trump (for the Third Time)?
Does lightening ever strike twice in the same place? Well, when it comes to the animosity of Mitt Romney, it just did. In fact, it has struck three times. For the third time in two years, Romney delivered what could considered to be a thinly veiled assassination threat to Donald Trump.

Preview of the CHAOS to come in 2019 and 2020… if you dare to glimpse reality
 I’ve been putting off writing about events to come in 2019 – 2020 for the simple reason that I don’t think anyone is mentally prepared to accept the level of chaos that’s coming.

Socialist Democrats: They Didn’t Come To Play, They Came to Destroy the USA
…Nowhere in their florid description does Vanity Fair indicate that all six are Socialist Democrats pushing an agenda to turn America into a Socialist State. But the Vanity Fair portfolio with words describes better than anything else—including today’s swearing-in ceremony—just what Americans are up against—going backwards to nation-destroying Socialism rather than going forward.

Report: Biggest Jailer of Journalists is Communist China
The Reporters Without Borders (RSF) 2018 report on deadly attacks and abuses against journalists shows that the “biggest jailer of journalists,” as of December 2018, is Communist China, which is holding 60 reporters.

Bloodbath: It’s 2019 And The Stock Market Is Crashing
The Dow futures dropped nearly 300 points on the troubling economic news in China. Coupled with the disastrous trade war, 2019 could very well be a bloodbath for the stock market.

Abortionist: ‘God performs way more abortions than I do’
The abortionist who earlier this year boasted she prevents unborn babies from screaming by cutting their vocal cords is stirring controversy again, reports Breitbart News. Responding to a tweet wondering what God thinks of her profession, Utah abortionist Leah Torres said, “God performs way more abortions than I do, so there’s that.”

Pope Francis Calls on Migrants to Flood the US: ‘Forget National Security’
Pope Francis has called on migrants to flood the United States and other Western nations whilst urging world leaders to “forget about national security” concerns as immigrant’s needs are “more important” than borders.

Journalist Dies Suddenly Just Days After Exposing Mueller, Strzok ‘Cover-Up’
A conservative journalist and pundit has died suddenly, just days after she broke a news story alleging that special counsel Robert Mueller and his team had deleted evidence proving anti-Trump bias at the FBI and Justice Department.

British Army Launches Recruitment Drive For ‘Millenials’, ‘Snowflakes’
The British Army’s new 2019 recruitment campaign is targeting snowflake millennials, binge gamers, and selfie addicts and the armed forces continue their drive to attract recruits from unconventional parts of society.

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