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by From the Internet   
December 30th, 2018

IDF strikes Hamas post following rocket fire 
An IDF combat helicopter struck a Hamas position in the southern Gaza Strip after a mortar was launched from the coastal enclave towards southern Israel late Friday night, the military said. The Red Alert incoming rocket system was not activated as the projectile landed in an open area, causing no damage or injuries.

40 suspected terrorists in pyramids bombing killed by Egyptian forces 
Egyptian security forces have killed 40 suspected militants in three separate incidents in North Sinai and Giza…a day after a deadly bombing on a Vietnamese tourist bus in Giza killed four people. The ministry did not say whether the suspected militants were connected to Friday’s attack, but said its forces killed 30 people during raids on their hideouts in Giza where it said “terrorist elements” were planning a series of attacks…

Anak Krakatau: Indonesian volcano’s dramatic collapse
The scale of the dramatic collapse of the Indonesian volcano that led to last Saturday’s devastating tsunami in the Sunda Strait is becoming clear. Researchers have examined satellite images of Anak Krakatau to calculate the amount of rock and ash that sheared off into the sea. They say the volcano has lost more than two-thirds of its height and volume during the past week.

Trump threatens to shut Mexican border in demand for wall funding
Donald Trump has threatened to shut down the border with Mexico over illegal immigration if Congress fails to fund his proposed wall. “Either we build (finish) the Wall or we close the Border,” the US president tweeted after nearly a week of deadlock in Washington over the federal budget. Confirming the threat to close the border was real, the White House said negotiations with Congress had stalled.

U.S. retirees try to keep cool as stocks tumble
Nancy Farrington, a retiree who turns 75 next month, admits to being in a constant state of anxiety over the biggest December stock market rout since Herbert Hoover was president. “I have not looked at my numbers. I’m afraid to do it,” said Farrington, who recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina, from Boston. “We’ve been conditioned to stand pat and not panic. I sure hope my advisers are doing the same.”

Exclusive: U.S. commanders recommend letting Kurdish fighters in Syria keep weapons
U.S. commanders planning for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria are recommending that Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State be allowed to keep U.S.-supplied weapons, four U.S. officials said, a move that would likely anger NATO ally Turkey. Three of the officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the recommendations were part of discussions on a draft plan by the U.S. military.

Russia widens ban on Ukrainian imports in tit-for-tat sanctions row
Russia expanded a ban on imported goods from Ukraine on Saturday, saying it would halt some $500 million worth of annual imports of mainly industrial products in retaliation for economic sanctions by Kiev. Earlier this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to prepare a list of measures against Ukraine after Kiev announced economic sanctions on a list of Russian companies and business figures.

NY Muslim Cleric Ibn Muneer: Islam without Jihad Is Like Honey without Sweetness; Don’t Apologize For Speaking Truth about Jihad, Jews, and Christians
Indeed, no apology necessary. It is abundantly clear to everyone except Western leftists and political leaders that Islam teaches warfare against non-Muslims and hatred of Jews and Christians.

Ebola patients flee Congo treatment center after protesters ransack facility
Seventeen of the 24 who escaped subsequently tested negative for Ebola while seven have not yet been screened, a health ministry spokesperson told Reuters. Three of those from the latter group reportedly have returned to the facility and officials are trying to track down the rest.

Brewing tropical storm to bring flood risk to Philippines in final days of 2018
A tropical depression is expected to spread flooding rain across the northern and central Philippines this weekend.

8 Dead, More Than 20 Injured After Man Hijacks Bus And Drives Into Pedestrians
A man injured more than 20 people and killed eight after hijacking a bus and running it into traffic in a Chinese city on Tuesday.

Giuliani Calls for Investigation into Mueller for Destroying FBI Evidence
President Trump’s defense attorney Rudy Giuliani has called for a full investigation into Robert Mueller and his team following allegations that the special counsel has been destroying FBI evidence that could have cleared the president.

Israel Has Enough, Bombs the Hell Out of Syrian Capital
There’s no reason for the United States to be in Syria now that the caliphate is destroyed. Don’t listen to the neocons and don’t listen to the war mongering liberals. Your average working class American isn’t losing sleep over whether or not American troops are dying to protect the Kurds and Trump was simply coming through on another campaign promise by pulling our troops out. However, things are different when it comes to Israel.

Pro-lifers save two babies by singing Christmas carols outside abortion centers
Pro-life advocates singing Christmas carols outside abortion facilities saved at least two lives from abortion this past weekend.

Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade Chooses First LGBT Rose Queen
She’s also the first Jewish girl to wear the crown — and the first queen to wear glasses.

Report: Opioid Related Deaths Among Youths Nearly Tripled In 18 Years
Nearly 9,000 infants and adolescents died from opioid use between 1999 and 2016, marking a nearly 300 percent increase, according to a Friday study.

New FL Secretary of State Bad News For Brenda Snipes
Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel was announced as Secretary of State by Governor-elect Ron DeSantis midday on Friday. As someone who has known Ertel for a half decade, Floridians could not have hoped for a better selection for this top post that oversees the election process.

Man Who Hit School Bus To Allegedly Get Away From Satan’s Clutches Charged
A Utah man who claimed he was trying to get away from Satan got charged Thursday after allegedly hitting a school bus with children on board.

Why the Dramatic Increase In Strokes Among the Youth? 
The youth of America are experiencing record numbers of strokes! Why? Could it be 4G, the overuse of cell phones? We have been telling you about this for years. Now 5G is being rolled out. Can you hear me now?

USA Today admits student with measles had already been vaccinated
…Any time there is an outbreak, most outlets will go out of their way to point out how many unvaccinated people were involved while conveniently leaving out those who were vaccinated…That’s why it was so surprising when USA Today recently admitted that a university student involved in a recent measles outbreak had indeed been vaccinated.

BREAKING: BLUE LIGHT OVER NEW YORK CITY — Explosion at ConEd Power Plant in Queens (VIDEO)
There was an explosion tonight at the ConEd power plant in Queens, New York. The initial reports were that a transformer blew at the plant. The skies over New York City flashed blue tonight.

Top 10 progressive endorsements of child abuse in 2018
There’s a lengthy, sordid history of the damage children suffer because of “progressive” values and policies. In 2018, the harm went beyond passive side effects.The left is now brazenly cheering over the corruption, pain and heartbreak of children – and sometimes, their deaths.

Manhunt on in Vienna after five monks assaulted, held captive in church
Five monks have been injured, one seriously, after being held captive at a Vienna church, police said.

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