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by From the Internet   
December 25th, 2018

Netanyahu Dissolves Israeli Parliament, Calls For New Elections In Risky Political Gambit
On Monday, Netanyahu and the leaders of Israel’s coalition government formally dissolved the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) and hold early elections as soon as April in order to try and win a broader majority that will allow them to pass a controversial military conscription reform bill that has alienated some far-right members of Netanyahu’s coalition. The Knesset is expected to approve the dissolution during a Wednesday vote.

Super Blood Moon To Pass Over U.S. Capital on Trump’s Pesident-aversary
Next month, a super blood moon will pass over the U.S. capital on a Jewish holiday in a manner that one pastor argues connects to a prophecy in Zechariah, creating a link between Donald Trump and Persian King Cyrus building the Jewish Temple. Lest this be perceived as happenstance, it should be noted that Trump was born on the night of June 14, 1946, within fifteen minutes of a total lunar eclipse and 700 days before the state of Israel was established. Trump’s lucky sevens did not end there. When he was sworn in as President on January 20, 2017, he was 70-years-old, seven months and seven days. “Two blood moons, both on the same day of the Hebrew calendar, are witnessing that the judgment has been passed and great things are about to happen,” Pastor Biltz said.

IDF Raises Alert Level as Hamas Threatens Renewed Attacks
Israeli forces shot and killed three Palestinians, including a teenager, in the Gaza Strip during the latest of weekly protests organized by Hamas along the border with Israel on Friday, Palestinian health officials said. A military spokeswoman said troops responded with “riot dispersal means” and fired in accordance with Israeli protocol.

Second Temple Era Ring Uncovered in Jerusalem’s Old City
The ring was found in what appeared to be a mikveh (ritual bath) on the pilgrimage road, which dates back to the Second Temple Period. The ancient paved road runs up from the Shiloach (Siloam) pool to the Temple Mount and is thought to have been the main thoroughfare taken by pilgrims to the Temple.

Netanyahu’s coalition falls apart: Israel headed to elections in April 
An election for the next Knesset will be held in April 2019, coalition leaders decided on Monday. “Out of budgetary and national responsibility, the heads of the coalition parties unanimously agreed to dissolve the Knesset and go to a new election at the beginning of April after a term of four full years,” the statement at the end of their meeting read. The two possible election dates in early April are April 2 or 9.

Trump: Turkey promised to eradicate whatever is left of ISIS in Syria 
Turkey promised it would ensure that ISIS was defeated in Syria, US President Donald Trump said on Twitter as he continued to underscore the connection between Istanbul and his decision to withdraw US troops from Syria. “President Erdogan of Turkey has very strongly informed me that he will eradicate whatever is left of ISIS in Syria… and he is a man who can do it plus, Turkey is right ‘next door.’ Our troops are coming home!” Trump said.

Iran says ready to respond, but U.S. aircraft carrier no threat 
Iran said on Monday it was ready to respond to any hostile US action, but it did not consider the arrival of a US aircraft carrier in the Gulf last week as a significant threat. The USS John C. Stennis entered the Gulf on Friday, ending a long absence of US aircraft carriers in the region as tensions rise between Tehran and Washington. “The presence of this warship is insignificant to us,” Iran’s Navy commander Habibollah Sayyari was quoted as saying…

Top Trump official calls bankers, will convene ‘Plunge Protection Team’
U.S. President Donald Trump’s Treasury secretary called top U.S. bankers on Sunday amid an ongoing rout on Wall Street and made plans to convene a group of officials known as the “Plunge Protection Team.” U.S. stocks have fallen sharply in recent weeks on concerns over slowing economic growth, with the S&P 500 index .SPX on pace for its biggest percentage decline in December since the Great Depression.

Massive explosion rocks Mount Etna as volcano ERUPTS with huge ash cloud
Photos posted by residents show the black and grey smoke spewed over the blue skies as Etna blew her top on Christmas Eve. Seismic activity has been rocking the active volcano for the past few days, with lava seen bubbling up from its crater. Locals have reported hearing a “massive explosion” – and those used to living the shadow of the volcano have predicted ash rain.

Molotov cocktail attacks threaten to drive Jewish families out of East Jerusalem
Jewish families living in a settlement inside an Arab area of East Jerusalem say they are contemplating leaving the area after 15 Molotov cocktails were thrown at their apartment building within a month and police do not seem to care. The residents of Ma’ale Hazeitim, in the neighborhood of Ras al-Amud, say that despite multiple complaints to police, the cases were closed due to “lack of public interest and absence of evidence.”

Trump “defensor christianorum” signs genocide law
US President Donald Trump once again wears the role of “Defender of Christians”, to the grateful applause of Middle Eastern bishops and influential and wealthy leaders of Western ecclesial circles.

Emergence of Lab-Grown Meat Poses New Questions for Religious Leaders
this new technology poses new questions for people who typically avoid meat for religious or ethical reasons. Lab-grown meat has sparked a debate among rabbis in Israel about whether cell-cultured is the same as conventional meat and should fall under the same guidelines for keeping kosher.

YEAR IN REVIEW: 61 Percent of Christians Believe in These 4 New Age Ideas
It’s common knowledge that the New Age movement has a strong foothold on our culture right now. Popular teachers …continue to sell millions of copies of books teaching the idea that God is an impersonal force in the universe and that we are to cultivate relationship with this force by shifting our consciousness and practicing things like “mindfulness,” “presence” or yoga.

Erdogan Hopes for Muslim Reconquest of Jerusalem and Tells Youth “Don’t be Like the Jews”
Recep Tayyip Erdogan went on the attack against Israel once again over the weekend, this time claiming Israel murders innocent people in cold blood. In a speech to the Turkey Youth Foundation in Istanbul, Saturday, Erdogan affirmed his county’s support for the Palestinians before saying that “the Jews in Israel kick men, but also women and children, when they’re on the ground.” He said that “as Muslims, we deal with people directly, and if there are people who are brave enough to provoke us, we will teach them a lesson.”

Strong earthquake, 6.4 mag was detected near Nuku`alofa in Tonga
An earthquake magnitude 6.4 (ml/mb) has occurred on Sunday, 84 kilometers (52 miles) from Nuku`alofa in Tonga.

Krakatau volcano news & eruption updates:
Another strong eruptive phase (paroxysm) is currently going on at the volcano. Seismicity at Anak Krakatau has sharply increased during the past days and now shows continuous explosive/effusive activity.

Russia could BULLDOZE to NATO border in just 72 HOURS amid fears Putin ready to invade
Putin’s forces are allegedly massing in the annexed Crimea region and along Russia’s eastern-most borders with Ukraine. Kiev have openly accused Moscow of planning to invade, and have been hold war games following the imposition of martial law and the calling up of its reserve army. Ukraine sits between Russia and the NATO nations of Romania, Hungary, and Poland – all of which host troops from the West. NATO have been called to intervene in the looming conflict – with Kiev begging for aid and calling the alliance to send warships into the Black Sea.

Backed by Christian Organization, House Passes Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act
The House of Representatives passed the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act on Friday, which would make it policy “to regard the prevention of genocide and other atrocities as in its national security interests.” The Senate passed it by unanimous consent earlier this month. The bill will now head to U.S. President Donald Trump to sign it into law.

Trump, Putin send condolences as tsunami death toll continues to climb
World leaders have sent their condolences to Indonesia after a tsunami hit the coasts of Lampung and Banten on Saturday evening. “Unthinkable devastation from the tsunami disaster in Indonesia. More than two hundred dead and nearly a thousand injured or unaccounted for. We are praying for recovery and healing. America is with you!” US President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday morning.

Volcano tsunami death toll rises to 222 as five metre high waves devastate Indonesia
The government’s Disaster Mitigation Agency revealed the horrific news in a statement on Saturday night. A tsunami struck coastal areas around the Sunda Strait between the islands of Sumatra and Java without warning. Hundreds of homes and other buildings were “heavily damaged” by the waves. The water washed away an outdoor stage where a local rock band was performing, killing at least one musician.

Biohacker injects DNA versions of Bible, Quran verses into his body
A French high school student converted passages from the Bible and Quran into DNA sequences before injecting them into his legs as part of a so-called biohack.

Black South African politician urges his followers to ‘kill whites’ – ‘We will kill their children and their women’
Andile Mngxitama says for every one black person killed we will kill five whites The BLF President even claimed cats and dogs owned by whites should die He claimed the taxi industry was ‘killing’ black people before a cheering crowd He defended his remarks which were in response to billionaire Johann Rupert

Christians Nearly Wiped Out in Middle East, Trump Immediately Sends Help
Christians in the Middle East are being sent a message that help is on its way from the United States after President Donald Trump signed a new law on Wednesday.

ARCHAEOLOGISTS CONFIRM: Sodom and Gomorrah were literally destroyed by fire and brimstone falling from the sky
A group of archeologists and other scientists say they have discovered strong evidence that the region of the “Middle Ghor,” where the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are believed to have existed, were in fact destroyed by a meteor that exploded in the sky above, raining down superheated matter and raising temperatures to thousands of degrees, a theory that matches the account of the cities’ destruction contained in the Old Testament Book of Genesis.

While the Church of England – the largest Christian denomination in the United Kingdom – is stopping short of calling its newly instituted blessing for “transgenders” a second baptism, priests are being directed to offer baptism-style ceremonies for those announcing their new sexual identity.

Is Canada about to make Christmas less Christian to avoid offending Muslims?
A councillor in Victoria, Canada has succeeded in securing a review of the city’s Christmas decorations after he expressed concerns that things like Christmas trees were not secular enough and needed to be more ‘diverse’ because they may offend Muslims.

Proof! China still forces women into abortion
When China’s communist government announced it was relaxing its one-child policy, which forced abortions on pregnant women who already had a child, some in the Western world praised the move as a step toward liberty.

Coming soon: Legal child euthanasia
Following its 2019 elections, Canada is expected to approve euthanasia for sick children, joining the Netherlands and Belgium as the only nations in the world affirmatively sanctioning such practices.

LYING HACKS: MSNBC Gets Caught Using 2011 Border Patrol Video to TRASH DONALD TRUMP …(Obama Years Again)
Earlier this month a 7-year-old girl died after making the trek with her father from Guatemala to the United States. The child was picked up by border patrol when she entered the United States. The girl was dehydrated and starving.

Whistleblower goes public: CDC buried data showing vaccines increase risk of autism by 340%
A top scientist and researcher for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had a key role in helping Dr. Brian Hooker of the Focus Autism Foundation uncover manipulated data from the agency that obscured a higher incidence of autism in African American boys.

Socialist Paradise: Desperate Women Fleeing Venezuela Sell Hair, Breast Milk and Their Bodies to Survive
Women are fleeing the Socialist paradise of Venezuela and selling their hair and breast milk to get by.

7 Incredible But True Things About The Birth Of Baby Jesus And Christmas That You Probably Didn’t Already Know
There are so many things about the birth of Jesus and the holiday of Christmas that Christians all know to be true, except for the fact that they are not true. Christmas in 2018, the satanic counterfeit of Santa Claus notwithstanding, bears little resemblance to events surrounding the birth of Jesus in the Bible, which occurred roughly around  the year 4 BC. This article will endeavour to set the record straight.

Trump is Stopping the United Nations from Becoming the Single World Government
As other world leaders continue to push for globalism, steering the world down the path to a single global government, US President Donald Trump remains defiant.

Feds don’t want El Chapo’s jury to hear about botched ‘Fast and Furious’ sting that let guns flow over border
Prosecutors at El Chapo’s drug trafficking trial in Brooklyn want to shoot down any mention of the government’s botched “Fast and Furious” gun probe in witness testimony.

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