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July 12th, 2018

Netanyahu off to Moscow for 9th meeting with Putin in three years 
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left Wednesday morning for a 24 hour trip to Moscow, where talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin are expected to center not only on Iran’s presence in Syria, but also Putin’s upcoming talks with US President Donald Trump. Before taking off, Netanyahu told reporters he will discuss with Putin Syria, Iran and “Israel’s security needs.”

Caught between jihadists and neo-Nazis, Swedish Jews fear for future 
When Carinne Sjoberg dissolved the Jewish Community of Umea in northern Sweden, she knew it would send shock waves far beyond the small congregation that she had spent decades building. The move in May owed to intimidation by neo-Nazis, making it the first time in decades that a Jewish organization in Western Europe acknowledged that it felt compelled to close shop over safety concerns.

Trump Nato: Germany’s defence spending attacked
US President Donald Trump has suggested Germany’s imports of Russian natural gas are a security concern, as he and other Nato leaders gather for a summit. At talks in Brussels with Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg, he said it was a “very bad thing for Nato” that Germany was “totally controlled by Russia”. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to meet Mr Trump in the afternoon.

Greece ‘orders expulsion of two Russian diplomats’
Greece has ordered the expulsion of two Russian diplomats and barred the entry of two others for allegedly undermining national security, local media report. The Greek government has accused the Russian officials of acting to obtain and distribute sensitive information. Russia said on Wednesday it would mirror the move by expelling two Greek diplomats, according to reports.

Emerging sex disease MG ‘could become next superbug’
A little known sexually transmitted infection could become the next superbug unless people become more vigilant, experts are warning. Mycoplasma genitalium (MG) often has no symptoms but can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, which can leave some women infertile. MG can be missed – and if it is not treated correctly, it can develop resistance to antibiotics.

There Are Fears of New Conflicts at One of Israel’s Quietest Borders 
A reinforced deployment of tanks and heavy guns is parked along Israel’s frontier with Syria as the civil war that transformed the balance of power in the Middle East appears headed into its final stretch. The fighting in Syria has come full circle as its army sets its sights on retaking Daraa province, where the regime’s brutal reaction to anti-government graffiti on a school wall sparked the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad in 2011.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Says “Awaiting Orders” To Attack Israel Ahead Of Putin-Netanyahu Summit
Though by many accounts the situation in Syria’s south is stabilizing as the government is fast securing the border with Jordan after a major offensive against FSA, al-Qaeda, and ISIS factions in the region, the possibility for further clashes between Israel and Damascus remains high, as we previously warned here.

The death of climate change
These 8 words are the death of climate change: It violates the Equivalence Principle, therefore it’s wrong. At its very core, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) violated a key principle of physics. Therefore, all IPCC climate claims and models are wrong.

Ex-FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Will Defy Congressional Subpoena
If Page does eventually appear before Congress, she will likely be asked about her role in deciding not to press charges against Clinton for using a private email server to maintain classified documents. She would also likely face questions about her text exchanges with Strzok, with whom she was having an affair.

Syria: 35 killed, 15 injured in ISIS attack
The Khalid ibn al-Walid Army terror group killed 35 Syrian soldiers and injured an additional 15, Israel Hayom reported. The attack comes after a recent ceasefire agreement in southern Syria failed to include the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army. According to the Israel Hayom, the attack was a suicide terror attack and occurred in the town of Zaizun, less than 14 kilometers (9 miles) from the Israeli border.

‘Fortify Syrian border with an iron wall’
Knesset Speaker Edelstein calls for iron wall on Israel’s northern border, says Israel must prepare for events ahead of time.

Trump, NATO head Stoltenberg have testy exchange at summit
President Donald Trump on Wednesday had a testy exchange with the head of NATO when he asked about energy agreements between Russia and several European countries. Trump repeatedly pressed Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary general, on why the U.S. continued to pay money to the military alliance while countries continue to purchase energy from Moscow.

Pope Leads Christian Summit to Promote M.E. Peace
Francis also repeated his view that the “status quo” of the contested city of Jerusalem should be respected, and backed a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Israel Announces Plans to Film First Lunar Selfie
SpaceIL, an Israeli non-profit organization, announced on Tuesday that its unmanned probe will lift off before the end of 2018 and land on the moon on February 13. If successful, this will make Israel the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the lunar surface….

China pledges $15 million to Palestinians amid major push for Mideast influence
President Xi announces plan to give Arab states more than $23 billion for economic development, calls them ‘natural partners’ of China

ISIS is trying to make a comeback by creating chaos with assassinations — the same tactic it employed before it rose to power 5 years ago

ISIS remains a threat in the Middle East, and a new report from the Soufan Center warns it’s attempting to make a comeback by resorting to a tactic it employed back in 2013 when it was still known as Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) — the targeted assassinations of Iraqi security personnel.

China facial recognition tech company: Megvii, FacePlusPlus
A computer system that can track and identify any face anywhere may sound like science fiction, but, in China, two such companies are barreling ahead at making such technology an everyday reality.

Japan struggles to get help to victims of worst floods in decades
Japan struggled on Tuesday to restore utilities after its worst weather disaster in 36 years killed at least 155 people, with survivors facing health risks from broiling temperatures and a lack of water, while rescuers kept up a grim search for victims.

CRISPR Gene Editing Used on Mammals for the First Time
A controversial genetic editing tool could help in dealing with invasive species, but not at a rate that scientists are comfortable with yet.

END OF TIMES? Israel jolted by 25 small earthquakes in ‎less than a week ‎
A 3.4-magnitude quake shakes ‎northern Israel Saturday, ‎causing some panic but no injuries or ‎significant property damage • Geophysical Institute of Israel says 25 tremors were recorded near Sea of Galilee ‎area, likely triggered by a minor earthquake in Turkey.

Muslim Congress this week in Florida includes antisemitic, anti-gay, Holocaust denying speakers
No one should be surprised by this. Islamic Jew-hatred: it’s in the Quran. The death penalty for homosexuals is also well-attested in the hadith and Islamic law. So these Muslims are just being Muslims, living out their faith. The foolish American authorities who assumed that Islam was a religion of peace and that only “islamophobes” opposed the rapid influx of Muslim migrants into the U.S. are the one who are to blame. They are the ones who have made this Congress, and many others like it that are certain to come in the future, possible. They are the ones who should be held accountable at the ballot box and in the courtroom.

Iran admits that they will fight Israel from Lebanon, and 100,000 missiles are aimed directly at the Jewish State from its northern border
Senior Revolutionary Guard official explains the ‘problem’ of Israel’s existence, says Hezbollah has over 100,000 missiles ready for launch.

The American Exodus: The Masses Are Fleeing The Church, As The Percentage Of Young Adults With No Religious Affiliation Has Nearly Quadrupled Since 1986
With each passing year, the percentage of Americans that claim no religious affiliation is growing, and this trend is especially pronounced among our young people.

Iranian General Calls On Young Muslims to Unites and Wage Jihad Against Israelis and Americans
Hossein Salami, the vice commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, recently gave a speech full of threats aimed directly at Israel, referring to the Palestinians as Iran’s main tool against their true enemy: the United States.

Middle East’s Christians are Dwindling Despite Deep Roots
Christians have been rooted in the Middle East as minority communities since the birth of the religion, but their numbers are dwindling amid conflict and jihadist attacks.

Gasp! Is science leaning toward creation of man?
..Contrary to the dogma of modern theory (aka: best guess), evolutionists are currently backpedalling, scrambling and/or generally doing a classic hair-pull nutter at the latest scientific discovery that explodes the assumption that mankind is a billion years old.

Pope Francis Calls on Migrants to Flood the US: ‘Forget National Security’
Head of Catholic Church says migrant’s needs are ‘more important’ than security concerns

The Unmasking Antifa Bill Introduced by Congress Puts Antifa in Same Category with Their Democrat Cousins in the KKK
The Unmasking Antifa bill was introduced by the House Judiciary Committee today as an amendment to the the Civil Rights law that carries a 15-year prison sentence. The law puts Antifa into the same category as their Democrat cousins in the KKK.

Muslim Democrat running for Congress calls Israel “apartheid state” and blames it for “evil doings” in Gaza 
It isn’t surprising that Ilhan Omar would think this way. She is a hijab-wearing, devout Muslim, and Islamic Jew-hatred is in the Quran. What is shameful about this is that her views are mainstream in the Democrat Party today. She should never have been chosen as a candidate for Congress with hateful views of this kind, but this is the way the Democrat leadership, and the Democrat base, thinks. They want candidates like Ilhan Omar.

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