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“The hungry bear”
by Art Sadlier   
August 13th, 2007

Having gone through a period of great decline, Russia is now like a hungry bear on the prowl! She has recently laid claim to the mineral deposits under the North Pole. She is establishing her Navy in the Mediterranean with a permanent Port in Syria. She has made reconcilliation with China, which frees her to move in other directions.

The world's richest prize at this moment is the Mid-East Oil. To control that Oil Reserve is to exercise great power and influence in the world. The control of that oil could be used to strangle the Western Nations. Iran and Syria would not be opposed to Russia's takeover of the oil of Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, providing that Russia assist them in destroying Israel.

Russia is now moving into the Mid-east, perhaps in preparation for the day she moves to take over much of the Mid-east oil.

Russia is establishing an Alliance with Iran, Syria and Turkey. Whatever these Nations want, Russia will seek to give them, in order to make them receptive to her ambitions.

Ezekial tells us that God will put a hook in Russia's Jaw to draw her to the Mid-east (Ezek. 38:4) That hook would appear to be oil. (Ezek. 38:12)

Ezekial also tells us that Russia will lead an Alliance of Nations in an attack on Israel, early in the Tribulation Period. This very Alliance that Ezekiel described is now being formed. That Alliance is made up of RUSSIA, IRAN, (PERSIA) SYRIA and TURKEY, and other Islamic Nations surrounding Israel.

Russia and Iran have never been allied in all of history, yet, even as Ezekiel said 2600 years ago, this Alliance is forming. It is interesting to note that Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, are not allied with Russia, Iran, and Syria. It is also interesting to note that Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia do not appear to be a part of the Alliance that comes against Israel in Ezek. 38 & 39, the fact is that Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are allied with the U.S. or at least under her protective umbrella, if U.S. power were to diminish in the Mid-east these three nations would be vulnerable, there oil would be up for grabs.

Even more revealing is the purpose of this Alliance, to destroy Israel, stated almost daily by Amadinejad, President of Iran. (see Ezek. 38:9)

The stage is being set for the prophecy Ezekiel made 2600 years ago, to be fulfilled.

The carryingout of this scenario is possible only with a great decline of United States' influence and power in the Mid-east.

The Lord will have the last word with Russia and her allies. (See Ezekiel 39:1-6.)

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