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by From the Internet   
June 13th, 2018

G6 leaders break with Trump, move forward on climate action
Leaders representing six of the world’s most powerful economies committed to addressing climate change and environmental crises at the conclusion of this year’s Group of Seven (G7) summit over the weekend. But the United States made no such agreement, as President Trump doubled down on both his opposition to international climate efforts and his support for fossil fuels.

Colorado Blaze Continues to Grow; Entire San Juan National Forest to Close
A wildfire blazing in southwestern Colorado continues to grow Monday after more than doubling in size over the weekend amid dry, gusty conditions. Due to the extreme fire danger, the U.S. Forest Service announced Monday it plans to close the entire, nearly 3,000-square-mile San Juan National Forest to the public.

Polio Returns to Venezuela As Economic Crisis Cripples Healthcare System
The deadly polio virus has returned to Venezuela 30 years after being eradicated, as the country’s health care system struggles under a nationwide economic crash.

WELLS OF ABRAHAM: PM Netanyahu’s new water plan is truly a light unto the nations
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced an ambitious new desalination project that will address the current multi-year drought. But the surprising way he chose to present the new program, offering much-needed aid to Israel’s sworn enemy, had a Biblical precedent as well as prophetic end-of days implications.

Over 2,300 Online Pedophiles Busted in Operation ‘Broken Heart’
The Justice Department announced Tuesday that its Internet Crimes Against Children task force busted over 2,300 online sexual predators.

White South African Farmers Trained By Israeli Special Forces To Fight Off Violent Attacks
With rising violence, being a farmer in South Africa has become a dangerous job. Some are hiring former Israeli special forces experts to teach them self-defense.

Chilling NCMEC Report Shows 88% of Missing Sex Trafficked Kids Come from US Foster Care
America has a dark secret that no one wants to admit. Talk of this secret will get you labelled as a conspiracy theorist, fake news, and outlets who report on it will have their organic reach throttled by social media and Google alike. Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many in the mainstream media and the government refuse to see this very real epidemic of child sex trafficking in the United States. What’s more, according to the government’s own data, the vast majority of a portion of these trafficked kids are coming from the country’s own foster care system.

Mass Shootings and Psychiatric Drugs: The Connection
I’ve been tracking the connection since 1999, when I wrote a long white paper, for the Truth Seeker Foundation, on school shootings and psychiatric drugs. The paper was titled: “Why Do They Do It? School shootings Across America.”

Proof Obama sent your money to defeat Bibi in Israel election
President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu The U.S. government was informed of the overtly political agenda of OneVoice Israel and OneVoice Palestine – to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – but gave the groups American taxpayer money anyway.

Guatemala Volcano Consumes Entire Village: ‘No Survivors Left’
Rescue workers in Guatemala have been tirelessly searching for survivors within the dark and grey blanket of left after Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupted near the capital.

Calls For Sadiq Khan To Resign As Total of 1,296 Stabbings In London This Year
Another stabbing has been reported in the same area of London within a 24 hour period making the bloody knife attack total 1,296 this year alone.

US Special Forces Caught Helping FSA Plot Next False Flag Attack in Syria
US Special Forces has been exposed for helping Syrian rebels plot a false flag attack to trigger strikes from the West in Syria.

California University Refuses To Speak With Pro-Life Group About Free Abortion Drugs
A pro-life group has persistently sought to speak with California State University at Long Beach about its stance on an abortion bill that may soon take effect at all California public universities, but the university has refused to respond.

Kasie Hunt Badgers Jim Jordan Over Tough Immigration Policy — Is It A ‘Christian Approach’? 
MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt asked Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan three consecutive times on Tuesday if Jeff Sessions’ new crack down on immigrant asylum is a “Christian approach.”

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