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“Thy kingdom Come”
by Art Sadlier   
August 31st, 2008

For 2,000 years Israel has been scattered throughout the world, they have been under the chastening hand of God, for their sin, unbelief and disobedience. A re-occuring theme of the scriptures is the promise that God will one day fully restrore His people to their land and to a relationship with Himself. We have lived to see one half of the children of Israel restored to the land. The scripture records the prophecy that two things remain to happen. ONE the remainder of Israel will be restored to the land by the end of the tribulation period. TWO, though many Jews will die in the Time of Jacob's Trouble (The Tribulation), the remaining will be restored to an intimate relationship with God (Zech.13:9) Then the long promised and long awaited Kingdom of God on earth will come.(Luke 1:32-33; Mat. 6:10).

Today we see the chastening hand of God still on Israel as her enemies all around her are feverishly preparing to utterly destroy her. Israel is now in a position where she is forced to attack Iran before Iran gets nuclear weapons. It now appears Israel must do this alone without the help of others. This coming strike on Iran will have serious repercusions for the whole world. There will be a period of great economic and personal turmoil. This act of self-defense will bring outrage from a world of men and nations whose only desire is to enjoy the unusual prosperity of this hour. It is probable that both the Jew and the Christian (if the rapture has not occured) will be denounced by the media and the masses for the financial pain and disruption of lifestyle.

We need to be prepared for what seems to lie just over the horizon.

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