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“What Lighthouse Trails Believes About Israel and the Jews”
by Lighthouse Trails   
July 6th, 2017

We have been shocked and utterly dismayed at witnessing a growing disdain for Israel and the Jews by those within the evangelical/Protestant camp. Sadly, we have learned that even some who read Lighthouse Trails fall into this category. That has been surprising to us because we have always been very forthright about where our sympathies lie. While not everyone who has crossed our path has been upfront about their own views on Israel and the Jews, Lighthouse Trails has never kept this a secret.

Recently, we heard a sermon online by an evangelical pastor who said that those who hold a special regard for the Jews need to repent. In a day and age when anti-Semitism is growing rapidly and where there are only 14 million Jews left in the world, we were very troubled by this pastor’s comments. He elaborated on how much evil the Jews had done to the world as if they were especially evil and wicked. This is a sign of the times.

As a reminder, here is what we believe about Israel and the Jews:

We believe God made an everlasting covenant with Israel. We do not believe the church replaces Israel (replacement theology). We believe there is biblical prophetic significance with Israel today. While we believe that individual Jews need to hear and accept the Gospel just like every human being does, the Bible is clear that Israel and the Jews are the apple of His eye, and as believers, we have been grafted in.

We reject and detest every form of anti-Semitism (which we are shockingly seeing growing strongly within the evangelical church today). We have published two books by living Holocaust survivors and carry numerous other materials about the Holocaust, finding it to be one of the most atrocious acts every committed against humanity and particularly against the Jews. We believe Satan hates the Jews and Christians with a special vengeance.

We have posted numerous articles in the past several years (see links below) that illustrate our concern for and interest in Israel and the Jewish people. In 2011, we began carrying Tony Pearce’s book, The Messiah Factor, which we find to be one of the best books we have read regarding Israel and the Jews (we have just become the publisher for this book). We have also posted articles by Pastor Bill Randles and Mike Oppenheimer, both of whom have written and spoken extensively about Israel.

We realize there are those who will not agree with us, and to you we say, there are many websites and organizations that will side with you, but Lighthouse Trails is not one of them. And finally, to those who love Israel and the Jews and understand their special significance, we thank the Lord for you.

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