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“Stunner! UN Plan to Mark World Population”
by WND   
March 27th, 2017

Pastor warns international body outlines goal in its Agenda 2030
The “Mark of the Beast” is a staple of prophecy, a development many evangelical Christians would take as a sign the end times have truly begun.

And Pastor Carl Gallups believes there are real, concrete indications the United Nations has already started making preparations to develop the very technology that could be used to register every single person on Earth.

He sounds the warning in his latest book, “When The Lion Roars: Understanding The Implications Of Ancient Prophecies For Our Time.”

Gallups expanded on the international plans under way on a recent episode of “SkyWatchTV.”

He cites a report from the U.N.’s 2030 Agenda, including a list of 17 “Global Goals.”

One of the goals is “legal identity for all, including birth registration.”

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is also working to implement biometric technology to identify and track refugees. The information will be stored in a central database in Geneva, Switzerland. Such a plan could be expanded to include the global population.

When asked if he was saying the U.N. was going to try to register the entire population, Gallups said those are not his words but those of the United Nations.

“I don’t make that prediction, but the U.N. has stated it in Agenda 2030,” he said. “In my book, I quote from the U.N. agenda. We know the Bible speaks in the last days there’s going to be some kind of a marking system. I go into the Greek words and the various possible explanations of what that means to receive, to take the mark. Several of the words hold something of the connotation of being ‘passed over.’ Of course, in our day in technology we know there is iris scanning, facial scanning. It’s pregnant with possibility.

“We know there is going to be a worldwide, a global marking system. The Bible says it.”

As Gallups admits, such an ambitious program could only be justified through euphemisms and benevolent rationalizations. He suggests Christians should be extra-aware when they start hearing seemingly unobjectionable reasons to support intrusive policies.

“They are going to identify every human, all 7 billion or however many by that time, on the planet for the purposes of … ‘peace and security,'” he said. “Now we have this global institution, the United Nations, saying: ‘Hey, I know what we could use this technology for! We could identify, put it in a big computer database, and we could mark every person on the planet, track them, take care of them, watch over them, grant them peace and security, grant them financial security, and all of these wonderful things. We’d have a utopia on Earth! Let’s mark everybody.'”

As Gallups concedes, such predictions can sound alarmist or even paranoid.

However, he points to prior predictions about the invasiveness of technology that sounded “crazy” at the time but are today accepted by ordinary Americans as normal or even desirable.

As the pastor noted, television manufacturers such as Samsung now directly warn consumers not to say “sensitive information” in front of their television because it could be sent to a “third party.”

“Years ago, I was talking on my radio program about how easy it would be to have a television set with a microphone, especially as things were going digital,” Gallups recalled.

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