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“What Mainstream Media is not Reporting About Khizr Khan & will a Muslim Die for America?”
by Worldview Weakend Radio - Brannon Howse August 2 2016 Newsletter   
August 4th, 2016

An Important Message From Usama Dakdok. The following are the topics covered in a radio interview on Worldview Radio by Guest: Usama Dakdok.

Topic: Hear what the mainstream media is not telling you about Khizr Khan. This man that waved the Constitution in the air and lectured Trump at the DNC is reported to actually be interested in Sharia in America.

Topic: Breitbart reports that Khizr Khan specializes in visa programs accused of selling U.S. citizenship.

Topic: Hear about Khizr Khan and his Legal and financial connections to Saudi Arabia.

Topic: Egyptian and Islamic expert Usama Dakdok will answer the questions of why Muslims serve in the U.S. military and will a Muslim die for America?

Topic: Muslims are flooding into the U.S. military in order to gain U.S. citizenship.

Topic: Muslims and their religion are being elevated in the U.S. military while Christians and their religious practices are being trampled.

Topic: Report: Khizr Khan deletes law firm website that specialized in Muslim immigration.

Topic: If the American military is overrun with Muslims in the ranks what does this mean for national security?

Topic: How many radio outlets do you know reporting this information? 

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