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by From the Internet   
June 24th, 2016

‘EU made its bed’ Buoyed by Brexit NOW Denmark politicians call for referendum
Leader of DPP, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, said Brussels had made its bed by underestimating the looming scepticism in Europe and now the Danish people must be given a chance to follow Britain out of the EU.  

Federal Lab Forced To Close After ‘Disturbing’ Data Manipulation
The research topics that faced data manipulation – including uranium in the environment, health effects of energy resources, and U.S. coal resources and reserves – was “disturbing,” Westerman said.  

Savage storm pummels eastern China, killing 98
A violent storm in eastern China that packed gale-force winds and hail killed 98 people and injured hundreds as it flattened power lines, overturned cars and ripped roofs off houses in Jiangsu province. The storm, which included a tornado, struck mid-afternoon on Thursday near Yancheng city, a few hours' drive north of China's commercial capital Shanghai, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said.  

Prominent Physicist: Perfection of Universe Proves God Exists
A world-renowned quantum physicist, performing an experiment to discover the true nature of the universe, announced to the world earlier this month that he had discovered incontrovertible proof of the existence of God.  

Democrats, LGBT activists’ sinister plan to crack down on Christian schools
If California Democrats have their way, Christian colleges and universities will no longer be allowed to require students attend chapel services or require them to profess a relationship with Jesus Christ.  

U.K. 'earthquake' crushes global markets
Investors around the world went into crisis mode as British voters chose to leave the European Union in a stunning decision with far-reaching implications.  

Brexit: How the world reacted as Britain votes to leave EU in referendum
BRITAIN has ‘stunned the world’ with a referendum vote to leave the European Union (EU) dominating headlines across the world.  

PM heading to Rome to oppose French initiative
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will fly to Rome on Sunday to try to fend off pressure from the United States and Europe over his policies and opposition to a French-led effort to forge peace with the Palestinians. ...Netanyahu will meet US Secretary of State John Kerry and the European Union's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini...followed by talks with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon...  

Mysterious 'zombie bee' scourge reaches southern US
The mysterious "zombie bee" parasite that kills honeybees has reached the southern United States after scientists confirmed a case in Virginia about an hour outside Roanoke, researchers announced this week. The discovery suggests the phenomenon is more widespread than previously thought, although researchers still know little about how many bees it actually kills.  

Moscow Building Spy Site in Nicaragua
The Russian government is building an electronic intelligence-gathering facility in Nicaragua as part of Moscow’s efforts to increase military and intelligence activities in the Western Hemisphere. The signals intelligence site is part of a recent deal between Moscow and Managua involving the sale of 50 T-72 Russian tanks, said defense officials familiar with reports of the arrangement.  

Putin considers Russia-China interaction important factor of global stability
Cooperation of Moscow and Beijing in global affairs is an important element of global stability, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with China’s Xinhua news agency shortly before his visit to China on June 24-25. "Today the very fact that China and Russia collaborate in international affairs contributes to the stability of world affairs," Putin said.  

Obama migrant plan fails to pass supreme court
The Supreme Court has announced it is split on President Barack Obama’s plan to shield millions of undocumented immigrants living illegally in the US. The divide comes as a blow to the president's 2014 executive action which he enacted without Congress and will now be assessed in a lower court. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan applauded the news, saying only Congress should write laws.  

EU referendum: Brexit sparks calls for other EU votes
The UK's vote to leave the EU has sparked demands from far-right parties for referendums in other member states. France's National Front leader Marine Le Pen said the French must now also have the right to choose. Dutch anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders said the Netherlands deserved a "Nexit" vote while Italy's Northern League said: "Now it's our turn".  

China weather: Tornado and hail kill scores in Jiangsu
A tornado and hailstorm have killed at least 98 people and injured nearly 800 in the east Chinese province of Jiangsu, according to state media. Accompanied by torrential rain, the tornado struck the outskirts of the city of Yancheng on Thursday afternoon. Counties on the city's outskirts saw winds of up to 125km/h (78 mph).  

In an absolutely stunning result, this means the UK will now likely begin the process of leaving the European Union, the first member of the bloc to leave since its formation in 1993. Following this result, global financial markets are in complete chaos with some of the most stunning moves you'll ever see taking place tonight.  

U.S. Navy mulls punishment for sailors seized by Iran
United States Navy officials are reviewing potential punishments against the American sailors who were briefly held by Iran in January and are close to a decision, a Navy official said on Thursday.  

Assailant in German Cinema Attack Killed
An armed assailant who attacked a German cinema Thursday has been killed, a German official said. The masked attacker entered the cinema with a rifle shortly before 3 p.m. local time, Hesse Interior Minister Peter Beuth said. The incident took place in Viernheim, near Frankfurt in western Germany.  

Hillary Clinton Failed to Hand Over Key Email to State Department
Former Secretary Hillary Clinton failed to turn over a copy of a key message involving problems caused by her use of a private homebrew email server, the State Department confirmed Thursday. The disclosure makes it unclear what other work-related emails may have been deleted by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.  

EU referendum: BBC forecasts UK vote to leave
he UK has voted by 52% to 48% to leave the European Union after 43 years in an historic referendum, a BBC forecast suggests. London and Scotland voted strongly to stay in the EU but the remain vote has been undermined by poor results in the north of England.  

10 Implausible Technologies From Fiction That Are On Their Way
Well, after compiling this list, we may have reconsidered. These are wildly far-out technologies we never really expected to see in real life that nevertheless may soon be upon us, whether they are good ideas or not (spoiler: mostly not).  

Franklin Graham Says Trump is Better Choice Than Clinton
"Franklin Graham made this point and it is a powerful one — there will never be a perfect candidate as much as we would like one. There will never be a perfect candidate. In fact, he said, 'Look, I am a sinner, we all are sinners. We all fall short of the glory of God,'" Jackson said. "He said that we don't get to choose between perfect evil and perfect good. We get to choose people that we believe are at least inclined to, open to, have the possibility of doing what is best for our country."  

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