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by From the Internet   
May 7th, 2016

US Takes Tougher Tone on Israeli Settlements in New Report
The United States will endorse a tougher tone with Israel in an upcoming international report that takes the Jewish state to task over settlements, demolitions and property seizures on land the Palestinians claim for a future state, diplomats told The Associated Press.  

Images show North Korea may be preparing fifth nuclear test: think tank
North Korea may be preparing to carry out a fifth nuclear test in the near future judging by commercial satellite images of the country's nuclear test site taken on May 5, a U.S. think tank said on Friday.  

Less Than 1 Percent Of Immigrants Who Overstayed Visas Were Deported In 2015
Less than one percent of the more than 480,000 immigrants who overstayed their visas were deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in fiscal year 2015. Only 2,456 aliens who overstayed their visa were deported from the United States in fiscal year 2015, according to figures provided by ICE to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  

Another Labour activist has been suspended for anti-Semitic social media posts
A Labour activist has been suspended from the party over yet another case of antisemitic social media posts.  

US sends troops to Yemen, steps up anti-Qaeda strikes
The Pentagon acknowledged for the first time Friday it has deployed US troops to Yemen since the country's collapse last year, in a push to bolster Arab and local government forces battling Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.  

It's Hate-Before-Profits In Kuwait Airways' Flight Ban Of Israelis (And Israeli-Americans)
Oil-rich Kuwait is a land of disturbing contradictions. The citizens of this monarchy enjoy high literacy, yet suffer huge restrictions on speech and press. It’s a deeply religious country, yet bribery is widespread and public officials engage in corruption with impunity. There are no laws in Kuwait protecting women from domestic violence or sexual harassment, and yet its women are among the freest in the Arab business world. Case in point: Rasha Al Roumi, the chairperson and CEO of Kuwait Airways, the country’s wholly-owned flagship carrier.  

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