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by From the Internet   
April 3rd, 2016

Obama: Iran not following 'spirit' of deal
President Obama on Friday criticized Iranian leaders for undermining the “spirit” of last year’s historic nuclear agreement, even as they stick to the “letter” of the pact. In comments following the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, Obama denied speculation that the United States would ease rules preventing dollars from being used in financial transactions with Iran...  

Syrian Alawites distance themselves from Assad
In a deeply unusual move, leaders of President Bashar al-Assad's Alawite sect in Syria have released a document, obtained by the BBC, that distances themselves from his regime and outlines what kind of future they wish for the country after five years of civil war. The community and religious leaders say they hope to "shine a light" on the Alawites after a long period of secrecy, at what they call "an important moment" in their history.  

Greece challenges IMF over 'debt transcript leak'
Greece has demanded an explanation from the IMF over a leaked conversation in which top officials allegedly discuss the Greek bailout. A transcript, published by Wikileaks, shows the officials discussing ways of putting pressure on Greece, Germany and the EU to get them to wrap up talks. One of those quoted suggests a crisis "event" may be needed to force a conclusion.  

IAF 'very disturbed by significant rise in ballistic threat'
The Israel Air Force is "highly disturbed" by the drastic rise in the threat of ballistic missiles to Israel, and the ongoing Middle Eastern arms race, a senior air force official said on Sunday. Speaking at a conference in Tel Aviv... Brig.-Gen. Tal Kelman, Chief of Staff in the Israel Air Force (IAF), provided a glimpse into the central challenges engaging air force command.  

Pot activists smoke outside the White House
Activists smoked marijuana outside the White House to send their message that the drug shouldn't be considered dangerous. Protesters planned to display a 51-foot-long inflatable "joint" at Saturday's demonstration. However, protest organizer Adam Eidinger said the Secret Service wouldn't allow it, citing security concerns.  

Christians Are Still Persecuted Around the World. Here's Where.
Last Sunday's Easter bombing in Pakistan targeting Christians should come as no surprise—Christians are persecuted around the globe.  

What If Israel Didn't Have Nuclear Weapons?
Since the early 1970s, Israel has informally maintained a nuclear deterrent. In order to prevent the activation of a variety of legal instruments that would disrupt Israeli relations with the United States and Europe, Israel has not acknowledged the program. It remains, however, the worst-kept secret in international politics.  

At least 31 reported killed in fighting between Armenian, Azerbaijani forces
At least 30 soldiers and a boy were reported killed as heavy fighting erupted Saturday between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces over the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh.  

About 40 bodies reportedly found in mass grave in Palmyra
Syrian engineering teams and popular defense groups uncovered a mass grave in a neighborhood in the newly recaptured ancient city of Palmyra, Syria’s state-news agency reported Friday.  

Nusra Front, Syrian rebels attack government forces near Aleppo, gain ground
Syrian rebels and the al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front have mounted an offensive against Syrian government forces and on Saturday took a strategic hill south of Aleppo from government control, a monitoring group said. 

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