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“The Sign of Famine”
by Art Sadlier   
August 1st, 2008

One of the signs Jesus gave in Luke 21:11 and also in Mt. 24:7 is the sign of “famine”. It would be one of those signs that precede the rapture as a warning that the rapture is near, even at the doors.

There have always been famines occurring from time to time, but today something is occurring that has not been seen before, signs of unprecedented famine on the near horizon. In the last several months we have seen indications of global famines on the horizon.

Let me give you just a few items from the news to demonstrate this. “Surge in violence pushes Ethiopia, Somalia to crisis point” Already plagued by drought, food shortages and massive malnutrition, Ethiopia and Somalia are now facing potentially catastrophic humanitarian crisis, say international aid workers.

“Hunger brings anguish for millions of Pakistanis” Soaring food prices and shortages of staples mean that 77 million are on the fringe of starvation

“Drought threatens drinking water for a million Australians” Up to a million people in Australia could face a shortage of drinking water if the countries drought continues. Crop failures have reduced thousands of farms to dust bowels.

“About 14 million people in the Horn of Africa need food aid because of drought and rocketing food and fuel prices, the U.N. has warned” Economic events outside of Africa are driving up food and fuel prices, exacerbating the crisis caused by lack of water in the region.

There has been a steady drumbeat of such news items for months; hyperinflation is the new ingredient in the new threat of famine.

These are unprecedented times. As I knock on doors and talk to people, I have been saying to them, “the bible indicates that we are living in the last days, what do you think?” I have been surprised to hear 50% of them say, “I agree, I think we are.”

I believe God is speaking to many in our society today, they are disturbed by what they are seeing and hearing, they sense something unprecedented is about to happen, this our moment of opportunity, perhaps our last opportunity, we dare not keep the message of life from them!

I am reminded of the words of Jesus in Mt. 24:33, “So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.”


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