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by From the Internet   
November 30th, 2015

COP21: Rallies call for Paris climate change action
Demonstrations are taking place around the world to demand action to stop climate change, on the eve of the UN summit in Paris. More than 2,000 events are planned, with tens of thousands beginning the day of protests in Sydney, Australia. In Paris itself, activists formed a "human chain" in a scaled-down rally following the recent attacks.  

Chinese authorities boost smog alert level in Beijing
The authorities in the Chinese capital, Beijing, have issued their highest smog warning so far this year. The "orange level" alert declared on Sunday is the second highest possible, requiring factories to cut production. On Sunday, some pollution readings in parts of the city reached about 17 times the level considered safe by the World Health Organisation.  

'Gas deal maintains regional stability and peace with Jordan and Egypt'
The government's gas deal is essential for Israel's strategic regional interests, Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Tzachi Hanegbi...wrote Sunday. Hanegbi penned a letter to Knesset Economics Committee chairman Eitan Cabel..., asking him to bring to the panel's...that Leviathan partners (Delek and Noble Energy) intend to sign a gas export contract with the Egyptian company Dolphinus Holdings.  

Netanyahu: Israel will not unilaterally hand the PA 'even one meter' of territory
Israel is not planning to unilaterally hand over portions of Area C in the West Bank to the Palestinian Authority, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Likud ministers on Sunday. “There won’t be any transfer of territory to the Palestinians, not 40,000 (dunams), not 10,000 (dunmas) and not even one meter,” Netanyahu said on Sunday.  

Report: Israel Air Force strikes targets in Syria near Lebanese border
The Israel Air Force attacked Syrian army and Hezbollah targets in the area around Qalamoun in Syria overnight Saturday, Israel Radio reported citing Syrian forces. The Lebanese media outlet Almustaqbal reported that there were dead and wounded Hezbollah fighters in the attack which hit the area close to the Lebanese border. Last week, Israel reportedly attacked targets in the same area of Syria.

Ebola patients turned away from regional hospital due to bed shortages
The two patients, both of whom were showing symptoms of Ebola, were turned away from an East Yorkshire hospital. Public Health England (PHE) designated Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust as a regional assessment area during the height of the outbreak in West Africa because of its expertise in treating infectious diseases.  

It's Been Fund: Russia Sends Soros Speculating His Way Out the Door
The Russian Prosecutor-General's Office has included two foreign organizations operated by George Soros in its list of the undesirable NGOs, RIA Novosti quoted the office's spokeswoman Marina Gridneva as saying on Monday. The prosecutors] have found that the activity of these organizations poses a threat to the foundations of Russia’s constitutional system and state security," Gridneva said.  

After Surprise Visit to Jordan, Ben Carson Wants No Refugees in America
“The United States must do more. We can do our part to help this crisis without bringing 10-25,000 refugees to the United States. Jordan already houses 1.4 million refugees. Jordan needs and deserves our logistical help and financial support. “In the coming days I will offer what I believe are real solutions to the problems created in part by the Obama-Clinton Administration’s failed policies.”  

Ban Ki-Moon Condemns Terror around the World – Except in Israel
The U.N. chief declared a moment of silence for terror victims on and then checked off the cities hit by terror - except for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The Paris climate conference opened on Sunday with a moment of silence for the world’s recent victims and a solemn recital of cities where radical Islamists have murdered people, with the blatant omission of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  

Vast majority: Federal govt. actually causing nation's troubles
It’s where officials have way too much power, they don’t really listen to Americans or their laws and effectively cause problems for the nation. It’s not Havana, Moscow, Beijing or North Korea. Or Tehran, Ramadi or Mosul. It’s not Damascus or Raqqa. It’s not Mexico City or London. It’s Washington, D.C.  

Pope Francis visits Central African Republic mosque amid heavy security
About 200 men seated inside the mosque welcomed Francis, who sat on a sofa. In comments to the chief imam, Francis insisted that Muslims and Christians are brothers and must behave as such.  

Declaring 'new beginning,' EU and Turkey seal migrant deal
Turkey promised to help stem the flow of migrants to Europe in return for cash, visas and renewed talks on joining the EU in a deal struck on Sunday that the Turkish prime minister called a "new beginning" for the uneasy neighbors.  

Putin snubs Erdogan meet at Paris conference
Vladimir Putin has rejected a meeting with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the climate conference in Paris on Monday, the Kremlin said, as a dispute rages over Ankara's downing of a Russian warplane. "No meeting with Erdogan is planned. There is no discussion of such a meeting," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists.  

10 dead in Texas and Kansas as wintry storm sweeps south-central U.S.
Flooding and wintry precipitation have led to at least 10 deaths in Texas and Kansas as a storm system moves across the central Plains, authorities reported.  

Earth's Magnetic Field is Not About to Flip, Like Previously Thought
Humans have lived through dips in magnetic field intensity before. However, there are debates about whether reversals of the magnetic field in the distant past had any connection to species extinctions. Today, a magnetic field reversal would have a huge impact due to one very important thing: technology. The magnetic field deflects the solar wind and cosmic rays. This means that with a weaker field, more radiation gets through which can disrupt power grids and satellite communications.  

Turkey will not apologise to Russia over downing of jet - Ahmet Davutoglu
Turkey's prime minister has said his country will not apologise to Russia for shooting down a warplane operating over Syria that crossed through Turkish airspace. Mr Davutoglu told reporters that "no Turkish prime minister or president will apologise... because of doing our duty."  

4.5 magnitude earthquake shakes Oklahomans awake
A 4.5 magnitude earthquake rattled the Sooner State Thursday morning around 3:49 a.m. It was centered in Grant County near Medford, Oklahoma. It was felt as far east as Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Claremore. There have been no reports of any injury or damage.  

'48 Hours': US Embassy in Kabul Warns of 'Imminent' Terrorist Attack
The US Embassy in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Monday warned its citizens to be extremely cautious due to an increased terror threat within the next 48 hours. ...The US Department of State continues to warn its citizens against traveling to Afghanistan, claiming that some radical groups specifically target US and other foreign citizens...  

Russian Airborne Forces to Conduct Drills in Arctic Region in 2016
Russian Airborne Forces are expected to conduct military exercises in the Arctic region in 2016, a spokesman for the Airborne Forces said Monday. Meshkov added that the exercise would be conducted jointly with the Russian Aerospace Forces and Russian Geographical Society specialists.  

18th Century Jewish Mystics Predicted Future Conflict Between Russia, Turkey Ripe with Messianic Implications
In this prophecy, the Vilna Gaon mentioned two signs of the imminent arrival of the Messiah – Russia capturing Crimea and Russia invading the Turkish city of Constantinople (now Istanbul). The first prophecy was fulfilled in 2014 when Russia annexed the Ukrainian territory of Crimea.  

US State of Oklahoma Governor Declares Emergency Amid Severe Storms
Mary Fallin, the governor of the US state of Oklahoma, has been forced to introduce a state of emergency for all the region’s counties due to the raging winter storm and flooding, local media reported Monday. MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The stormy weather has already claimed 14 lives during the Thanksgiving holiday, according to the USA Today newspaper.  

An Angry Russia Moves S-400 Antiaircraft Missile Systems into Syria
Russia has moved the S-400 (Growler) air defense missile systems to its airbase near Latakia in Syria after Turkey had shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber, the official Russian news agency TASS reported. The S-400 systems “will ensure the safety of the Russian air group’s flights and will destroy any targets posing a threat to it,” according to TASS.  

Russian truckers 'march on Moscow' in biggest outbreak of industrial unrest in years
A cat-and-mouse game was developing on Russia's roads on Monday as police tried to prevent hundreds of long distance lorry drivers converging on Moscow in one of the country's most serious outbreaks of industrial unrest since Vladimir Putin came to power. Truckers from across Russia vowed to bring their vehicles to the capital on Monday after the government refused to back down over introduction of a new road toll.  

Israel suspends EU role in peace process with Palestinians
Israel has said it is suspending contact with EU officials involved in peace efforts with the Palestinians. The move follows the bloc's decision to label goods from Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "ordered suspension of diplomatic contacts with the institutions of the European Union on this issue", a foreign ministry statement said.  

Pope Francis: 'Christians and Muslims are brothers'
Pope Francis has told worshippers in a mosque in the Central African Republic that "Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters". He was speaking to Muslims who had sought shelter in the capital Bangui after nearly three years of violence between Christians and Muslims. The mosque visit was seen as perhaps the most difficult part of his Africa tour, a BBC correspondent says.  

'Israel sees no sign that terror wave subsiding, IDF prepared for escalation'
Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said Monday that there is no sign that the current wave of subsiding and added that the army is being readied for...further escalation in order to halt Palestinian violence. 'Unfortunately there is no signs of this wave of terrorism waning," Ya'alon said..."We are using every means at our disposal to stop the violence, but the IDF is prepared for the possibility of escalation."  

French National Front Poised to Win Regions in Vote, Poll Shows
France’s anti-immigrant, anti-euro National Front party could win two regions in local elections next month and might get as many votes as its conservative and centrist rivals combined, according to opinion polls published on Sunday.  

IMF poised to put Chinese yuan in elite currency basket
The International Monetary Fund is expected to approve inclusion of China's yuan in its SDR basket of elite currencies on Monday, rewarding Beijing's strong pursuit of the global status.  

Skeptical Climate Documentary Set to Rock UN Climate Summit – ‘Climate Hustle’ To Have Red Carpet Premiere in Paris
Featuring interviews and comments from more than 30 renowned scientists and climate experts, Climate Hustle lays out compelling evidence that devastates the global warming scare. Film host Marc Morano, founder and publisher of CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, leads viewers on a fact-finding and often times hilarious journey through the propaganda-laced world of “climate change” claims.  

Syria's Assad says his enemies increasing support for insurgents
Syrian President Bashar al Assad told a senior Iranian official on Sunday that his adversaries had increased weapon supplies and financial support to insurgents since the start of a major offensive aided by his allies to regain lost territory.  

Russia plane entered Israel control zone from Syria: minister
A Russian warplane recently entered Israeli-controlled airspace from Syria but the intrusion was resolved without incident, Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said on Sunday.  

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