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“Lord Moncton has a Question.....”
by From the Internet   
November 24th, 2015

"... socialist totalitarianism, in its endless and increasingly desperate quest for some sort of justification, would co-opt and take over the environmental movement, turning it not merely into a national political force for destruction but a fierce, global tyranny.

The audit of socialist totalitarianism to date is as follows. Deaths in consequence of National Socialism and the resulting Second World War and Holocaust: 75 million. Deaths resulting from Communist socialism: at least 100 million and counting.
Deaths arising from environmentalist socialism: 40 million (chiefly children) killed by malaria as a direct result of the ban on DDT, 40 million from the socialists’ refusal to permit effective public-health measures against HIV during its earliest stages in the mid-1980s, and uncounted tens of millions more arising from their refusal to allow the 1.2 billion people who have no access to electricity to get it from cheap, reliable, clean, base-load, coal-fired power-stations.
Socialism kills, and preaches while it does so, and sneers and snarls at any who dare gainsay it until nearly all have been cowed into a fearful, cringing silence.

And now these murderous creatures propose to establish no less than a totalitarian world government, with overriding powers of taxation, of regulation and of enforcement. There is to be a new climate court to bring to heel the few nations whose leaders have found the courage to speak out against the screeching harpies of environmentalist socialism.

In the past, those who wanted to escape national or international socialism could escape from Germany or Russia or China. But, when very nearly every nation on Earth has signed the new and tyrannous Treaty of Paris, where shall we go, those of us in whose breast still burns that flame of freedom?"

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