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“Rick Warren to Join Hands With the Pope”
by David Cloud   
July 27th, 2015

Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church (Southern Baptist), author of The Purpose Driven Life, is scheduled to speak at Pope Francis' Festival of Families in Philadelphia in September. Other speakers include three Catholic cardinals and a Jewish rabbi ("Papal Mass in Philadelphia," Catholic Herald, Jun. 26, 2015). I would ask Pastor Warren the following question: If a man prays to Mary, trusts her intercession and help, and considers baptism the new birth, and believes that a piece of bread is the very body and blood of Jesus (as the pope does), is he a saved man or is he following "another gospel" and "another spirit"? Rick Warren is one of the most influential preachers in the world, and he is the blind leading the blind. The fact that the Southern Baptist Convention has not publicly reproved his error and compromise and removed his church from its rolls is proof of that convention's rebellion to God's Word.

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