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“Cremation Reaches 50% in U.S.”
by - David Cloud   
June 22nd, 2015

In 13 states in America, more than 50% of the dead are cremated. Nationwide, the rate is nearly 50%, which is double what it was just 15 years ago. In 1965, the rate was only 4% ("Cremation in America," May 20, 2015, Slate). According to the cover story in the December 5, 1995, issue of USA Today, the rising acceptance of cremation has coincided with a drop in "religious barriers to cremation." It is interesting that a secular newspaper sees the connection between religion and cremation. Historically, Christian burial has been a testimony of faith in the bodily resurrection, whereas cremation has been practiced among Hindus and others who deny the bodily resurrection and who believe in reincarnation. Historically, wherever the Gospel of Jesus Christ has found acceptance, pagan practices such as cremation have been rejected. The increase in cremation in North American society has paralleled the rejection of the Bible. As paganism increases its steely hold on American hearts, and as spiritual compromise and apostasy destroy the power of churches, cremation becomes increasingly popular.

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