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“An Interesting Note from an Independant Baptist in South Carolina”
by Art Sadlier   
April 10th, 2015

I found the following note in the welcome folder of a church I recently attended in South Carolina.

Music Ministries

We believe that music in public assembly as well as in private should complement the character of God. For this reason, we reject music that is sensual in nature. We elevate a sacred style that draws the audience into reverence for our Lord. Musicians are to be ministers not entertainers. Worship is a by-product of godly music and should not be manufactured by superficial emotionalism or spontaneous excitement. For this reason we have purposefully distanced ourselves from the “Praise &Worship” motif with the accompanying CCM, Southern Gospel, or Rock & Roll music styles. We follow a traditional & sacred approach with a mixture of the beloved hymns of the past and the current compositions that are written after the same framework. We humbly attempt to sing with the spirit and understanding (1 Corinthians 14:15).

We seek to glorify God through music in the following ways:

Congregational Singing - Adult Church Choir - Ensembles and Small Groups - Children’s Choirs

Seasonal Cantatas  -  Singing in Retirement Centers 

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