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“It Takes a Jew & the Enemy of Them All‏”
by Stan Goodenough   
March 1st, 2015

The evening of March 3, 2015 will mark the beginning of the Fast of Esther that leads into Purim, the Jewish festival marking their deliverance from the Haman of ancient Persia who stood at the forefront of a genocidal plot against the Jews.

On that day this year, as Israel’s Jews – who are seven hours ahead of the United States – enter the fast, Benjamin Netanyahu will stand before the US Congress to explain for all to hear the genocidal threat to the regathered Jewish people that would be posed by the nuclear-armed Amelakites of modern-day Persia – Iran.

God is sending one of His own from Jerusalem to sound the alarm to the world. He wants the nations to heed the warning before the window closes and the chance to choose truth over lies is gone.

US President Barack Obama is ostensibly concerned that, in coming to address Congress next week on the looming danger of a nuclear Iran to Israel’s six million Jews and their state, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will sabotage the effort to dissuade Tehran from developing the bomb.

A bit like Chamberlain would have felt had he heard, while en route to Munich, that Churchill had broken parliamentary protocol to issue a grave warning to the British people about the peril of signing an agreement with Hitler. The British prime minister would have cursed the man who would succeed him for potentially scuttling the pending agreement that would bring “peace in our time.”

Chamberlain-like, the ‘leader of the free world’ today insists that the P5+1 (the US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China) has adopted the best possible course to prevent Iran from endangering world peace.

Netanyahu, whose home is this neighbourhood, and who has been fighting for his nation’s survival since early adulthood, understands the makeup of its Islamic regimes and the perils they pose better than Obama ever will. The Israeli has been elected to protect a nation that was en route to being wiped out just a few decades ago as a direct consequence of the above-referenced Munich Diktat. He believes the pact being brokered by Obama & Co. to be dangerous appeasement of the ayatollahs that leaves Tehran within easy reach of a nuclear weapon.

It is the prime minister’s “most sacred duty…to speak up while there is still time to speak up,” emphatically stated Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer.

“For Israel, a nuclear armed Iran would be a clear and present danger.” Just as Hitler was towards Europe’s Jews, Dermer warns that, “Iran’s regime is both committed to Israel’s destruction and working toward Israel’s destruction.”

Its presidential pride hurt, the White House lashed out at Netanyahu, accusing him of going behind Obama’s back by accepting Congress’s invitation to speak.

Affronted American media men, like Fox News’ Shepherd Smith, ripped into the Israeli leader – as if they were the experts and he a mere lightweight in these matters – and tried to damage Dermer’s credibility by scorning him as incompetent to represent his country to the USA.

More – or as much – to the point, while Russia and China’s readiness to gamble with Israel’s security and existence may be unsurprising, the complicity of Britain, France, Germany and the US in appeasing the manic mullahs of the world’s most dangerous regime is treacherous and self-destructive.

Instead of scurrying to embrace Muslim states like Saudi Arabia, and smilingly participating in photo opportunities with Iranian officials, these (once-upon-a-time) Judeo-Christian nations should surely be in Israel’s corner.

But they can’t stand to be.

Well, the Bible warns: “Pride cometh before a fall.”

And as US President Harry Truman believed: “With great power goes great responsibility.”

If today’s Americans are not careful – the fall of the most powerful nation on earth is poised to be a long and irreversible one.

Many concerned observers believe that fall has already begun.

Surely, American citizens and, especially perhaps, Europeans (given the continent’s blood-soaked anti-Semitic history), rather than sit at the table with global terrorists, your leaders should be directing such comments at these proven enemies of peace:

Iran, Arab League, Islamic world: We are far closer to the Jews than we will ever be to you.

Our roots and oldest traditions are in the religion that was brought into the world and introduced to mankind by the Jewish people. Our nation states were established on the faith foundations laid by the nation of Israel.

Whereas we owe a very, very great deal to the Jews – even in this sense our own national histories – we don’t really owe you anything.

We are indebted to Israel for the construction of the positive pillars on which our societies stand – those received from the founding fathers of Israel, who gave us the Bible and, with it, our kings, prophets, apostles, and Jesus Christ Himself.

We also bear a very real responsibility for our shameful negative treatment of the Jewish people through the centuries.

It was our professing Christian forebears – even more than your Muslim forebears – who for centuries carried out anti-Semitic outrages and massacres and destruction, up to and including the Holocaust.

Even our insistence that those Crusaders, Inquisitors, Cossacks and Nazis were not true Christians can’t change the fact that their bloody blasphemies were perpetrated under the sign of the cross and in Jesus’ name.

Had Islam never been conjured up, and had its adherents not treated the Jews as they have done and are doing – Christianity would have had more than enough reason to stand by the Jewish people against any other violent anti-Jewish religion that might have appeared on the scene.

Muslim states, we read you.

Your Quran teaches that we are your enemies – all Jews and Christians – the People of the book. You relate to us as your eternal foes, and chant and sing about our ordained subservience to you and our eventual destruction at your hands.

Yours is a bloodthirsty creed. Unlike the Founder of Christianity, who preached and practiced love and the laying down of life for others, the founder of Islam preached and practiced butchery, the mass murder of all who would not accept his ways. To this day, hundreds of millions of your people follow his teachings; millions wish to emulate him.

Your followers are responsible for the most horrific and barbarous violence in the modern day and age. From wars around the planet, horrendous executions in your own lands and territories, and reprehensible acts of carnage in the hearts of our cities, you are terrorizing the world and threatening to drown it in blood, for Allah.

But listen, and listen well. Today, standing side by side with the Jewish state of Israel, we want you to know that you could not be more wrong.

You are mistaken if you think we will allow you to continue to deny the Holocaust slaughter of six million Jews that was perpetrated during war by a tyrant millions of our boys fought and fell to stop.

You are mistaken to believe you will get away with your perpetual incitement to violence against Jews in their national home, your relentless calls for jihad, and your arming and training of forces set on destroying this nation and stealing her land.

You could not be more wrong if you believe we will talk and talk and talk while you delay our efforts and dissemble, even as you continue unabated and defiantly to build.

Iran, don’t you dare take even one more step or continue for even one more day in that direction. Do, and we will slap such severe, irreversible sanctions on you as to bring your country to its knees. We know that millions of yours will suffer, but the fault will lie with those working to develop the means to destroy another nation that just so recently saw a third of its people wiped out.

It is the responsibility of the Judeo-Christian nations of the world to do everything possible to defend Israel against all of her foes, especially against the likes of you.

Today you have been served notice that we will do so.

Do not test our resolve.

This is what our once ‘Christian’ countries should be communicating to the Islamic world concerning the people Christendom has mistreated so appallingly down the ages.

It is what we should say, but apparently we never will.

Today it seems that the multiplicity of nations that have an annual Holocaust memorial day on which to recall the horrors and commemorate the victims use this as a shield behind which to hide from accusations of unrepentant anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.

How quickly we have forgotten. What an enormous gulf stands between “never again” and the modern day foreign policies of most states.

The P5+1 are fighting to see Iran left as a threshold nuclear state. That she will be within short reach of unleashing a nuclear holocaust on Israel they seem insouciant about paying attention to, loathe to make the hard decisions that would deal effectively with the danger.

Even if Iran only wants to wield the threat, her hatred of Israel and desire to annihilate her is as openly and loudly expressed as Hitler’s ever was.

The great powers would never knowingly place the lives of their own citizens under the risks they are thoughtlessly placing Israel’s. But Jewish life is cheap. We have seen just how cheap since Madrid in 1991, when the world began insisting that Israel give land to those intent on destroying the Jewish state, and continue giving land despite the mounting number of Jewish casualties as a direct consequence of surrendering that land.

Knowing all of this full well, the P5+1 still dares to go this way? What hypocrites and anti-Semites. What a deceiver the West has become, sunk in the naivety of its post-war, liberal-peacenik mindset. Diplomacy is their 10 commandments, and they apply it with the conviction that the people across the negotiating table think as they do. There is a complete lack of insight into the way the Muslim mind works, for example, into Islam’s division of the world between the House of Islam and the House of War.

It is taking the Jews, who have been perpetually persecuted, to recognize the face of their persecutor. They’re tuned in and alert, whereas the great tragedy is that the West is oblivious and won’t wake up until 9/11s happen on mass scale across the Western world, groups like the Taliban are entrenched in power, and the nations are in full-scale retreat before Islam.

Then it will be too late.

A point to ponder: Does the Judeo-Christian West, whose religious legacy places a high value on human life – and yet which is willing to play with Israel’s existence in such cavalier fashion – realise that in the Middle East, Arab life is not valued by Israel’ s Islamic neighbours but is, in fact, dirt cheap? Hundreds of thousands of people could be killed in Saddam ‘s Iraq, hundreds of thousands can be killed in Syria, untold thousands can be slaughtered by ISIS – and until images of the latter’s graphic killings of individual white men penetrated our living rooms via TV, the nations so bent on gambling with Israel’s fate never gave a damn.

The flux in the Middle East is showing very clearly what disregard for human life Islamic thinking has, if only the West would heed the warning. Whereas Western governments tiptoe around their Muslim voting blocs, Muslims themselves are prepared to slaughter one another quite openly. It’s not just Jews and Christians they are after, but other Muslims who don’t think Islam the way they do, or who stand in the way of their hegemonic ambitions.

The West imagines at its peril that it is out of the danger zone. Unless its leaders awaken quick smart, these nations will be overcome. We are not living in an age of reasoned diplomacy; we are heading deep into a new age of war. The Bible says so and explains why. See Zephaniah 3:8; Joel 3:9-16; Ezekiel 38: 7-9 ff; Zechariah 14:3-11; Revelation 16:14-16.

Governments need to hear Netanyahu. God is using one of His own, sending him from Jerusalem to sound the alarm, wanting the nations to heed the warning before the window closes and the opportunity to choose truth over lies is gone.

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