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Exploring Revelation
“Revelation 6: 12-17 pt.# 3 - Exploring Revelation”
by Art Sadlier   
July 6th, 2020

We have been considering the opening of the sixth seal. We have suggested that the sixth seal is parellel with the war of Ezek. 38-39. Let me give you an overview of how I believe the sixth seal will unfold.

The rapture takes, their is not a living believer on the face of the earth. The first seal represents the great false peace treaty of antichrist. Very rapidly following is the second seal, the red horse which represents war (the war of Ezek.38-39). In 1 Thess. 5:3, Paul indicates that this war will quickly follow the false peace.

In Ezek. 38-39, God sends a great earthquake, and he sends fire down upon Russia and her allies, both on the battle field and in their homelands,(Ezek.39:6) five of every six in this vast army are killed in a great slaughter.(see Ezek. 38:21-23; 39:2)

Notice God's purpose in this outpouring of judgment, "Thus will I magnify myself, and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the Lord". Ezek. 38:23

It is my understanding that at the very beginning of the tribulation period (very early therein) God will shock the world with such an out pouring of judgment and wrath (Rev. 6:17;) that men everywhere will be arrested. That is like our God, before He brings the tribulation judgement upon the world, He gives a witness to the world, that men may know there is a God.

I believe this is preparartion for the preaching of the gospel by the two witnesses throughout the entire earth. From this point on the world will be divided into those who will respond to the Lord in repentence and faith and be saved and those who will harden their hearts.

Notice the response in Rev. 6:17, multitudes of men and women will harden their hearts, they would rather die than repent, that is why hell is forever.

So at this very early point in the tribualation period, an appeal goes out from the Lord, a witness to the world as to the reality of God and His wrath against sin. From this point on a line is drawn throughout the world, multitudes who will repent and be saved and multitudes who will harden their hearts against God, and persecute those who turn to the Lord. That is the underlying story of the tribulation period.

We are reminded of the words of Habakkuk, "in wrath remember mercy".

It is Russia and her Muslim allies that are today so persistently and vilently opposing Israel and trying to destroy them and drive them off the land God has promised to them. Notice God's response to them, Ezek. 38:18, "my fury shall come up in my face"

Israel's present enemies, Islam and Russia will not be a factor from that point on. It is in fact antichrist that first protects Israel and then turns to destroy her. Today, Russia and Islam are in the way of the biblical endtime scenario, they are soon to be set aside.

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