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“Merchants Pull Grand Theft Auto V”
by Friday Church News Notes,,   
December 12th, 2014

Target and Kmart in Australia have discontinued selling Grand Theft Auto V after more than 40,000 people signed a petition protesting the filthy, violent content (“Grand Theft Auto V Puled,” Mashable, Dec. 4, 2014). (Kmart and Target in Australia are owned by the same parent corporation and are not affiliated with the U.S. brands by the same name.) The game is exceedingly violent, allowing players to assume the role of lawless, destructive criminals who kill innocent bystanders, policemen, and military personnel, “while dealing with only temporary consequences.” It has been called a cop-killing training machine. Some of the versions require the player to torture people in brutal ways to advance to new levels. Sexual elements include hiring and killing prostitutes (by means of the player’s choice of fist, machete, bat, or gun). Real life murders have been committed by people who were obsessive players of Grand Theft Auto and have even admitted to being inspired by the game, but the courts have refused to convict the game maker because of America’s First Amendment’s free-speech clause. The game is wildly popular, having sold about 300 million copies since it appeared in its first incarnation in 1997. Grand Theft Auto V earned $1 BILLION in its first three days of sales in September 2013. The game, which at best has helped degrade society’s morals, has earned 33 awards from the filthy entertainment industry.

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