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“Israel's Radical Left is Allied With Europe to Establish An Islamic State”
by The Emet Blog   
December 5th, 2014

Sweden and the United Kingdom have, at least on paper, recognized a Palestinian [sic] state. This recognition has no practical significance but its reverbations undermine the foundations of the State of Israel. It is striking that. 550 Israelis have signed a petition calling for the Spanish Parliament to emulate Sweden and to also recognize the "Palestinian" enemy on the western side of the Jordan River.

Had the Europeans known the facts, had they wanted to know the facts — they certainly would not have voted as they did. The legend that the "Palestinians" are the "natives" and we are the big, bad conqueror, is revealed as baseless after 10 minutes of candid conversation with a "Palestinian", or after a look at the new stones with which they built their villages. Aerial photographs also demonstrate the fact that the Arabs of Judea and Samaria came here late. If you ask them they will tell you: We came from Jordan. We came from Saudi Arabia. We came because there is money here, and a chance for a better life.

Had the Europeans wanted to know the truth, they would have watched the children's shows on the television channel of the "moderate" Palestinian Authority, not of Hamas, and learn that the younger generation is taught that there is no Zionist entity. The State of Israel does not exist because its destruction is near. The highest value passed on to children is the murder of Jews. Actors in Mickey Mouse costumes sing songs in praise of martyrs. This is not a people that aspires for peace; these are people seeking to wipe us off the face of the earth and are making efforts to achieve their goal in every which way: terrorism and/or diplomacy.

Why do Europeans love "Palestinians"? This is a sentiment driven by strong emotion and not by facts. The British go into paroxysms of shaking whenever a hooded figure of the Islamic State appears on screen, mouthing a threatening Muslim message with a distinct British accent. How have they not connected the dots and realized that their vote in favor of the establishment of the State of "Palestine" 20 kilometers [12 miles] from Tel Aviv is a victory for the bad guys?

Are they still driven by the romance of Lawrence of Arabia? Or maybe by the new American myth that the natives are dark-skinned, dispossessed and just, whereas we have to cleanse our conscience of the crimes of Western imperialism and the murder of the native Indians?

Maybe it's much simpler, and they are just anti-Semites?

And back to the petition: Spain will soon join the UN Security Council. The radical left (numbering 550 people, according to the latest inventory) is counting fingers. It wants to mobilize the members of the Council and to establish a "Palestinian" state without negotiations. It wants to establish an enemy country within the country.

Why not negotiate? Because any attempt at a political solution is derailed time and again by the "Palestinians". No matter how many "goodwill gestures" Israel makes, how many murderers it sets free, how much constructions is frozen in the West Bank [sic] and Jerusalem, they will always ask for more, and if we don't give it to them — they will wave their most powerful card. Going to the UN Security Council.

Some 550 people from the radical left in Israel are undermining Israeli democracy and saying: We will establish an IS State now and bypass all negotiations and agreements, all government decisions, because we will impose something else on our government, something we want. We will do it with the help of foreign governments, because the government of Israel is not a legitimate body in our view. We will turn outward and force our government to do what we, 550 people representing 0.006% of the Israeli public, believe. We shall establish the State of Palestine and thus turn the status of the State of Israel into that of a banana republic. And these people boast of being real democrats, advocates of equality.

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