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July 1st, 2008


Art Sadlier

In Matthew 24, Jesus gave some signs that would occur prior to His second coming. In verse 8, He called the signs that were given in the preceding verse, the beginning signs. He said “all these are the beginning of sorrows".

Among the signs Jesus gave was the sign of "famines". Prior to His return to the earth there would be devastating famines. In Revelation 6, John tells us about the tribulation famines. In verse 6, he says, "a measure of wheat for a penny", a penny was a day’s wage in our Lord's Day and a measure of wheat would feed one person for one day. That would leave nothing for the rest of the family and nothing for other needs such as fuel for heat. That is obviously a starvation situation.

In verse 8, John tells us that these famines, combined with war, will result in the deaths of one quarter of the world's population.

Today we are convinced that the stage is being set for the tribulation scenario to unfold. In recent weeks we have been surprised to discover that the world is suddenly on the threshold of famine. We are seeing the foreshadowing of the tribulation signs.

Listen to just some of the recent headlines:

Food Price “Catastrophe” feared on Eve of Summit / 2008: The Year of Global food crisis / UN Warns of Food Shortages and Unrest urges world leaders to work to control food prices / If prices keep rising, more and more people around the globe will be unable to afford the food they need to stay alive

Now this week, word comes to us from the U.S. mid-west, of devastating crop losses in the area which is the world's top grain exporter. Up to 5 million acres of corn is either under water or cannot be planted.

The most severe drought for 100 years in Australia is getting worse. Farmers warn that this winter’s wheat crop could be even smaller than last year’s if rain does not come soon. Most Australian grain is exported and empty Outback grain silos have contributed to shortages and rising global prices. Australia is the third biggest wheat exporter behind the US and Canada.

The drought – known here as the “Big Dry” – has forced more than 10,000 Australian farming families off the land over the past five years.

Listen to the words of Jesus, "Ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of times?"

Believer, The Lord is at hand, are you ready or will you be ashamed before Him at His coming?

Unbeliever, The time is short; you need to come to Christ in repentance and faith today before it is forever too late.

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