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“Combat Simulations Mobilized 20,000 Over Two Months in China”
by Want China Times   
November 3rd, 2014
A Joint Action-2014C exercise launched in the Kunlun Mountains region between Oct. 15-20. (Photo/CNS)
A Joint Action-2014C exercise launched in the Kunlun Mountains region between Oct. 15-20. (Photo/CNS)

To prepare the ground, naval and air forces of the People's Liberation Army for real combat, China launched a series of exercise between early September and late October, according to the official China News Service.

More than six military exercises were held in September alone, according to the report. The largest aerial combat exercise since the creation of the PLA Air Force was first launched in the desert of northwestern China and involved 100 fourth-generation fighters. An artillery exercise called Fire 2014 followed across north China. Later, 4,000 military personnel and 1,000 vehicles were mobilized for a live-fire and logistics exercise in Zhurihe, Inner Mongolia.

Following a live-fire exercise in the disputed East China Sea, the PLA Navy launched another drill in the South China Sea with the coordination of the air force and Second Artillery Corps, the country's strategic missile force.

October saw no letup. On Oct. 27, a joint exercise was carried out to test the ability of aircraft and warships of the PLA's North, East and South Sea Fleets in joint operation. The 39th Group Army of the Shenyang Military Region was ordered to launch an exercise called Joint Action-2014 on Oct. 28. During the drill, infantry, armored corps, flying corps, artillery, air-defense artillery and electronic warfare units fought together in simulated warfare with the air force, People's Armed Police, local militia and police on the battlefield. About 20,000 officers and soldiers were mobilized over the two months of constant military movement.

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