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“Dallas Theological Seminary”
by Terry James   
July 1st, 2007

Dallas Theological Seminary is probably the most shocking example of how the enemy is invading our Bible-teaching institutions. Not too long ago, DTS was the Mecca of education concerning end-time prophecy. I don’t know how long the process took, but one day it was revealed that the faculty of DTS no longer believed that prophecy was being fulfilled today. The school has become overrun by progressive dispensationalism, a doctrine that says there will be no future kingdom on earth, and it considers modern Israel to be the work of man and not of God. It also has no need for a pre-trib rapture. Recently, there was a big controversy at DTS when it was revealed that a professor at DTS no longer believed the Bible was divinely inspired.

I don’t mean to just single out DTS. This same type of nonsense has infected Moody Bible Institute, Talbot Seminary, Biola College, Dallas Baptist University and a number of other Bible Colleges.

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