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“The UN and the Two State Solution”
by Art Sadlier   
October 5th, 2014

The dark clouds that foreshadow the soon coming Day of the Lord are looming forebodingly on the horizon.  

For 130 years Satan has been waging a vicious war to prevent the restoration of Israel. His first objective was to destroy the Jewish people in the diaspora before a Jewish State could be born. He came perilously close to accomplishing his goal. He used the Ottoman Empire, the British betrayal of its mandate by the closure of Jewish immigration to Palestine. He used Hitler and his Nazi hordes to attempt to eliminate the Jewish people before the nation could be born.

The evil one failed in his attempt to prevent the rebirth of the Jewish nation.

Since 1948 he has sought to destroy the reborn Jewish State. He has used a number of different tools to accomplish this objective. He has used all-out wars, attacks by Hezbollah and Hamas, the intifada and terrorism. His greatest tool to accomplish this goal is the idea of a two state solution, divide and conquer is his mantra. To establish a Palestinian State within the God-given borders of the land promised to Israel would be the beginning of the end of the Jewish State and the accomplishing of Satan’s goal.

For twenty-five years, led by America, the world has been inching toward this objective. No matter what frustrations have appeared, the goal of an Islamic State of Palestine has never been forsaken.

War, intifada and diplomacy have failed as the Lord of Israel has obviously been frustrating the devil’s efforts.  Now a new approach is coming to the fore as the Palestinian Authority has mustered seven of the nine Security Council votes needed to approve a resolution that would force Israel to withdraw from the pre-1967 borders as well as East Jerusalem.

The alarming factor is that the US has requested that the issue be put off until after the mid-term elections. This would seem to be preparation for Obama to make his final betrayal of Israel with no electoral cost.

The US ambassador to the UN has stated that they prefer to reach the goal by negotiations;  implying that the goal will be reached.

In recent days the Obama administratiion has scathingly rebuked Israel for allowing Jews to build or buy homes in East Jerusalem. Netanyahu correctly pointed out that preventing Jews from building in East Jerusalem so that the area would be Judenrein [“free of Jews”] is against the American tradition of pluralism. It is clear that American policy is dedicated to giving the West Bank and East Jerusalem to the Palestinians for a Islamic State on Israel's land.

The tide seems to be turning to the side of Palestinians as the Swedish Government has come out in support of a Palestinian State and the British government has done the same.

We know that the ultimate conflict over the land of Israel is between the God of Israel and Satan. We know who will be the ultimate victor, but we do not know what chastening may be inflicted on Israel before she finally turns to her Messiah in repentance and faith.  

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