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July 15th, 2014

Damage Reported In Downtown Harrah Following Earthquakes
HARRAH, Oklahoma - Minor structure damage is being reported in downtown Harrah following two early morning earthquakes. News 9 viewers across the metro and the Harrah area have called and e-mailed us to say the quakes jolted them out of bed this morning and knocked personal belongings off walls and shelves.  

Israel’s new idea: Three states for two peoples
As Egypt-brokered draft cease-fire agreement takes shape, Netanyahu has gone from trying to kill Hamas’ Khaled Meshal to looking to partner with him in Gaza.  

Iran could accept deal to halt nuclear program for seven years, FM says
Iran is offering to hold off from expanding its uranium-enrichment program for about seven years in negotiations with six world powers, Tehran's foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said in remarks published by The New York Times Tuesday.  

‘We are giving all of our privacy for just the possibility of a little bit of safety’
Both governments believe that the best way to maintain control of their citizens and, to give them some credit, try to prevent future terrorist attacks, is to watch everything.  

Wisconsin Scientists Find Genetic Recipe To Turn Stem Cells To Blood
The ability to reliably and safely make in the laboratory all of the different types of cells in human blood is one key step closer to reality.  

People Are Undergoing Extreme Body Modifications In Order To Look More Like The Devil?
In recent years, the popularity of tattoos and body piercings has soared, but now there are thousands of people around the globe that are taking body modification to ridiculous extremes. For example, would you be willing to have your tongue split in two so that you could have a forked tongue? What about getting eyeball tattoos or having titanium horns implanted in your head? To most people, doing such things would be unimaginable, but there is a growing subculture of individuals out there that truly seem to enjoy “pushing the envelope” and seeing what is possible.  

Snowden files: Manipulating polls, netting from LinkedIn, YouTube in GCHQ bag of tricks
The UK's spy agency has developed a number of crafty tools to monitor and comb the web, planting false information when necessary, Glenn Greenwald said while disclosing a fresh batch of Snowden's files.  

The world's first photonic router
Weizmann Institute scientists have demonstrated for the first time a photonic router – a quantum device based on a single atom that enables routing of single photons by single photons. This achievement, as reported in Science magazine, is another step toward overcoming the difficulties in building quantum computers.  

3D Tattoos: The Bizarre Body Art Trend That Is Spreading Across America Like Wildfire
Would you like to have a picture of a 3D demon exploding out of your chest? Would you like to make it look like an exquisite piece of art was carved out of your right leg? Would 3D-Tatoo-Leg-300x300you like to see the shock on people’s faces when they think that a real scorpion is sitting on your shoulder or a real snake is crawling down your back?  

Ten days ago, the sun was peppered with large spots. Now it is nearly blank. This image taken on July 15th by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows a solar disk almost completely devoid of dark cores.  

Crisis of faith at CDC after latest blunder: It somehow shipped a deadly strain of bird flu to a poultry lab
CDC workers had somehow shipped a dangerous strain of avian influenza to a poultry research lab run by the Department of Agriculture. Known as H5N1, the virus had killed more than half of the 650 people who had been infected with it since 2003.  

BRICS bank: 5 emerging powers to announce alternatives to IMF, World Bank
Fed up with U.S. dominance of the global financial system, five emerging market powers this week will launch their own versions of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.  

Californians Unprepared for Large-Scale Earthquakes
In a series of web videos, a trained emergency responder “ambushes” residents in Southern California to find out how prepared they are for a large earthquake. The videos are a different take on preparedness education after a recent survey revealed that less than 35 percent of Californians have learned how to make their house secure.  

5.3-magnitude earthquake strikes Palu
A 5.3-magnitude earthquake reportedly hit the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi, on Tuesday, at 10:37 a.m. local time (GMT+8), though no tsunami warning was issued.  

Ukraine and Russia edge closer to war amid accusations of cross-border attacks
Russia and Ukraine lurch closer toward open warfare on Monday as both countries accused each other of lethal cross-border attacks including the downing of a Ukrainian plane, and Moscow appeared to resume a build up of troops on its south-western frontier. The Russian government warned Ukraine could face “irreversible consequences” in response to cross border shelling that killed one person on Sunday...  

Neo-Nazis, Islamists declare 'You Jews are beasts' during protest of Israeli operation
A demonstration in Frankfurt against Operation Protective Edge erupted into violence, with protesters tossing stones at the police. ...about 2,500 protesters appeared in downtown Frankfurt, screaming “God is great,” and slogans such as “freedom for Palestine” and “children-murderer Israel.” ...One sign at the rally was titled, “You Jews are Beasts.”  

Endless wave of illegal immigrants floods Rio Grande valley
Life jackets...and the occasional punctured raft are strewn along the banks of the Rio Grande, just south of Mission, Texas, where a relentless onslaught of illegal immigrants eagerly surrender to beleaguered Border Patrol... It’s a cycle for which there is no end in sight. “You're going to be out here a long time,” Fernando...told “There are thousands of us."  

Afghan market car bomb 'kills 89' in Paktika province
At least 89 people have been killed in a car bomb explosion at a busy market in eastern Afghanistan's Paktika province, the defence ministry says. Officials say the attacker drove a 4x4 vehicle into the market in Orgun district and detonated the explosives. The market was crowded, full of people doing their shopping at the time of the attack.  

WTO rules against US in trade spat with China and India
The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has found the United States violated global trade rules when it imposed tariffs on products from China and India. In response to a 2012 complaint, the WTO said the US improperly imposed tariffs on Chinese steel and solar panels. In a separate ruling, it said the US must change the way it imposes tariffs on India steel products.  

Kerry slams Hamas for bucking ceasefire with Israel
US Secretary of State John Kerry blamed Hamas for powering through a ceasefire with Israel, brokered by the Egyptian government and accepted by Israel's cabinet Tuesday morning. At least 35 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip since the ceasefire was set to begin, mere hours ago.  

Philippines braces for floods, slides from typhoon
A tropical storm strengthened into a typhoon Tuesday as it hurtled toward the northeastern Philippines, prompting disaster-response authorities to evacuate thousands of people from villages prone to floods and landslides.  

Church of England votes "yes" to women bishops
The Church of England voted on Monday to allow women to become bishops, a historic decision which overturns centuries of tradition in a Church that has been deeply divided over the issue. Two years ago, a similar proposal failed narrowly due to opposition from traditionalist lay members, to the dismay of modernisers, the Church hierarchy and politicians.  

China tells U.S. to stay out of South China Seas dispute
China told the United States on Tuesday to stay out of disputes over the South China Sea and leave countries in the region to resolve problems themselves, after Washington said it wanted a freeze on stoking tension.  

New rocket attack on Tripoli airport
Libya's main international airport has been hit by a new rocket attack a day after fighting forced it to close. At least one person has died and six have been injured at Tripoli airport, and 12 planes have been damaged in the attack. A government spokesman said Libya was considering calling for international forces to help re-establish security.  

Ukraine says Russian army officers fighting alongside rebels
Ukraine accused Russian army officers on Monday of fighting alongside separatists in the east of the country and said Moscow was once more building up its troops on the joint border.  

Bodies found north of Baghdad as Sunni insurgents turn on each other
Residents of a town north of Baghdad found 12 corpses with execution-style bullet wounds on Monday following fighting between rival Sunni insurgents that could eventually unravel a coalition which has seized much of northern and western Iraq.  

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