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“Credit Union Chooses Biometrics Over Passwords”
by Credit Union Times   
June 25th, 2014

The $1.1 billion Workers’ Federal Credit Union in Fitchburg, Mass., is now using biometrics for its 240 employees at 15 branches to access online applications and websites.

The 75,100-member WCU has deployed an identity verification solution from DigitalPersona Inc. in Redwood City, Calif., that the company said will allow the credit union to recover 2% to 3% of its employees’ productivity time that had been spent on password re-sets.

The credit union said it considered software to automate password re-sets but decided using fingerprint readers would be easier for employees.

WCU considered software to automate password resets, but ultimately determined that implementing biometrics-based technology would be easier for both its employees and back office administrative staff, the company and credit union said.

“Since fingerprints are uniquely tied to each individual and cannot be shared, lost or misplaced, WCU has a more secure way to confirm positive identity and improve its workflow. Using just their fingerprint to access dual login screens especially speeds employee productivity,” DigitalPersona said in its announcement.

“With DigitalPersona’s solution, we have improved our workflow and our customer service, as we now have more time to focus on serving our members rather than remembering and inputting lengthy passwords,” said Dave Thibodeau, vice president of information technology at Workers’ Credit Union. “It has also enhanced our security since the solution provides an audit trail that tells us who accesses what information.”

WCU said it now is expanding its use of biometrics-based technology for physical access to its buildings.

DigitalPersona said its solutions now verify the identities of more than 200 million authorized end users worldwide.

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