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“Has God Set Israel Aside Permanently?”
by A Bible Study   
April 1st, 2007

In Deuteronomy God promised Israel that if they would trust Him and obey Him He would bless them. He also promised that if they failed to trust Him and obey Him, He would bring terrible judgment upon them.

God made a promise to David and his seed:

  • Ps 89:26-29 A promise of blessing.
  • Ps 89:30-32 A warning of severe chastening for unbelief and disobedience.
  • Ps 89:33-37 A promise of ultimate restoration and blessing.
  • Ps 89:38-45 A further warning of chastening for unbelief and disobedience.
  • Ps 89:46 We see David’s expectation, he knew God’s judgment on His people had a time limit on it. It would one day come to an end.
  • Hos 3:4 For the past 2,000 years Israel has had no King, no Temple worship, no Priesthood. Since 70 AD this remarkable prophecy has been fulfilled.
  • Hos 3:5 We see this promise of ultimate restoration of Israel to the land and to the Lord. Notice, “in the latter days.” This prophecy has been partially fulfilled in our lifetime; spiritual restoration is yet to come. If the first half of that promise has been fulfilled, we know that God will keep His promise and fulfill the second half.
  • Rom 11:1, 2 Paul addresses the same issue; Paul says emphatically, “God hath not cast away His people”.
  • Rom 11:25 Paul clearly teaches that Israel’s spiritual blindness will be removed, “after the fullness of the gentiles be come in.” That is after the church has been completed and after the rapture takes place.
  • Rom 11:26 All living Jews will be saved, Christ their Messiah, will come to deliver Israel and redeem her.
  • Rom 11:27 This is the fulfillment of God’s OT promises to Israel.
  • Rom 11:28 Israel is still God’s chosen people in spite of all their sin and rebellion and disobedience. God’s love for them has not ceased, even as God’s love for a wicked, rebellious gentile world never ceased. (see John 3:16) Of course not every Jew will enter into God’s blessing, only those who obey and respond in repentance and faith to God’s provision for salvation.
  • Rom 11:29 God is not a God who makes promises and changes His mind.
  • Zech 13:8, 9 tells us about that future day when Israel will be redeemed and restored to God’s blessing.

Some believe that God is finished with Israel and that the church has replaced Israel. Those people are blind to the theme of the scriptures. They are blind to what God is doing in the world today and blind to God’s future program for this world. Yes salvation is the most vital issue but that salvation is encompassed in God’s great program for the Jew, the Church and the Gentile nations. This issue is important because God has taken much of the scripture to reveal it to us. Amillennialists call God a liar when they refute His promises to Israel, promises of a land, a blessing and a kingdom. All around us we see the stage is being set for the consummation of God’s great program for Israel and the nations.

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