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“New Yorks Traffic Lights Hacked (and the Same Technique will Work Around the World”
by Mail Online   
May 1st, 2014



A security expert claims to have uncovered a major flaw in the traffic system in in major cities around the world including London and New York.

Cesar Cerrudo, an Argentinian security researcher with IoActive, says he can control traffic lights and even reroute traffic.

He discovered is was possible to control the sensors embedded into the road and used by control systems to monitor traffic.

He was able to take control of the sensors –Sensys Networks VDS240 wireless vehicle detection systems– which are installed in 40 U.S. cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, DC, as well as in nine other countries.

The system is comprised of magnetic sensors embedded in roadways that wirelessly collect data.

MailOnline contacted Sensys, but it did not respond to requests.

Cerrudo saiys he was inspired by the movie Die Hard, which sees hackers contolling a city’s traffic.

‘Probably many of you have watched scenes from ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ (Die Hard 4) where ‘terrorist hackers’ manipulate traffic signals by just hitting Enter or typing a few keys,’ he wrote in a blog post revealing the hack.

‘I wanted to do that! I started to look around, and while I couldn’t exactly do the same thing (too Hollywood style!), I got pretty close.

‘By exploiting the vulnerabilities I found, an attacker could cause traffic jams and problems at intersections, freeways, highways.’

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