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“Expert: Israel Does not Face a Demographic Threat”
by Israel Today   
April 30th, 2014

From the American secretary of state to left-wing Israeli politicians to the mullahs of Iran, many subscribe to the notion that if Israel does not surrender the “West Bank” for the creation of a Palestinian state, it will be overwhelmed by an Arab population that will destroy the Jewish character of the state.

Not so, argued an Israeli expert citing such reputable sources as the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics and the CIA World Fact Book.

Dr. Guy Bachor (pictured), an expert on legal matters pertaining to the Middle East conflict, as well as the owner and operator of the popular Hebrew-language news analysis website GPlanet, was recently interviewed on Israel Channel 2’s morning show.

“Obama, Kerry, Clinton and all those who talk about the demographics are wrong,” Bachor stated firmly. “The data shows, and it’s true throughout the Middle East, a collapse in the Arab birth rate…including [among] the Palestinians and Israeli Arabs.”

At the same time, “there is an astounding rise among the Jewish population in Israel.”

Bachor explained that “the magic number…is 2.1 children per family. Lower than that is negative growth.” Many of the nations around Israel fail to reach that threshold, while in Europe the figures are much lower.

But in Israel, the birthrate remains well over three children per family. “There’s only one little country that has the chutzpa to have a rising birth rate. It’s unparalleled!” said Bachor.

But what about the Palestinians? Wouldn’t they overwhelm the Jewish population and, as US Secretary of State John Kerry this week suggested, force Israel into a policy of apartheid?

Bachor insisted that while that might once have been true, present realities have shifted in favor of the Jews.

“In 2003, the average number of children per Palestinian mother was over five,” he pointed out. “Ten years later, in 2013 - how many? Just 2.7, and it keeps going down.”

Bachor said that propagandized appearances notwithstanding, the reasons for this decreasing birthrate among the Palestinians are the same as anywhere else in the world: higher quality of living and better education.

This is particularly evident amongst women, who are applying for marriage licenses much later in life so they can first start a career. Like a growing number of Europeans, Bachor said Palestinian women want to break with previous societal norms, “they don’t want to [just] take care of children.”

In conclusion, Bachor insisted that “if there was once a demographic threat, it no longer exists. …Palestinians are disappearing. Jews are becoming a much more formidable force.”

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