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by From the Internet   
April 26th, 2014

Abbas to announce his Hamas-backed government will recognize Israel
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will on Saturday formally present the political the wake of his Fatah faction’s unity pact with Hamas... The official...said Abbas would tell the PLO’s Central Committee that the new government...would recognize Israel and accept previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements. The government would also be committed to a two-state solution...  

Saudi Arabia says MERS virus cases top 300, 5 more die
Saudi Arabia said on Friday it had discovered 14 more cases of the potentially deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)...bringing the total number to 313. A health ministry statement said the new cases had been reported in the capital Riyadh, the coastal city of Jeddah and the "holy capital" Mecca in the past 24 hours. Authorities had also registered five more deaths due to the virus, it said.  

Qaeda chief urges kidnappings of Americans
Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has called in an interview for militants to kidnap Westerners, especially Americans, to exchange them for jihadist captives. In the second part of an interview with Al-Qaeda media arm As-Sahab, which the US-based SITE monitoring service said a jihadist posted on Twitter, Zawahiri was asked what Muslims should do to free militant prisoners.  

Ukraine crisis: G7 'to intensify Russia sanctions'
The G7 group of economic powers has agreed to intensify sanctions on Russia over its actions in Ukraine. A G7 statement gave no detail of the sanctions, but US officials said they could announce measures by Monday. The West accuses Russia of leading a secession rebellion in Ukraine's east, months after it annexed Crimea. Moscow denies the allegations.  

Iranian diplomat: Israel sole obstacle to nuclear weapons-free Mideast
Iran's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations has blamed Israel as the sole obstacle for "a Middle East free of nuclear weapons." Iranian media reported on Saturday. Israel's alleged nuclear arsenal and its refusal to sign the international Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty pose a barrier to ensuring nuclear weapons are not spread throughout the region...  

Kim urges N.Korea soldiers to ready for 'impending conflict'
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has chided his soldiers, telling them to be ready for "impending conflict with the United States," Pyongyang media reported on Saturday as satellites showed a nuclear test could be near  

Flash floods in northern Afghanistan kill 75
Flash floods after heavy rains in northern Afghanistan killed at least 75 people and damaged thousands of homes, leaving authorities scrambling to help survivors in the remote region, officials said. The rains began late Thursday and continued into Friday in four provinces. The worst affected appeared to be Jawzjan, where at least 36 people were killed, according to police spokesman Abdul Manan Raoufi. Other officials put the death toll there at 43.  

North Korea says it's detained an American tourist for improper behavior
North Korea says it has detained an American for what it called improper behavior while the man was being processed to enter the country as a tourist. The official Korean Central News Agency identified the man as Miller Matthew Todd, 24, and said he entered the country on April 10 with a tourist visa, but tore it up and shouted that he wanted to seek asylum. It said the man is being investigated after authorities detained him for "gross violation" of North Korea's legal order.  

Obama: US will persist with Middle East peace effort
The US will not abandon its peace efforts with Israel and the Palestinians, despite the breakdown of current talks, Barack Obama has said. President Obama lamented that "neither side had political will to make tough decisions" and that there may need to be a pause in the process. Mr Obama said Washington would continue to offer "constructive approaches".  

Explosions at Iraq election rally in Baghdad 'kill 31'
At least 31 people have been killed in Iraq as a series of blasts targeted a Shia election rally in Baghdad. Several people were seriously injured in the attack, which took place at a rally for the Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq party. The attack - claimed by al-Qaeda-linked militants - comes less than a week before Iraqis are due to head to the polls in parliamentary elections.  

Brazilian military rule torturer Paulo Malhaes found dead
A Brazilian former army colonel who admitted torturing and killing political prisoners under military rule up to the 1980s has been found dead. Paulo Malhaes, 76, was killed by three men who entered his home outside Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, police say. Last month, he said he never regretted killing "as many people as necessary" and tortured "many" prisoners.  

Ukraine crisis: Pentagon says Russian jets violated airspace
The US says Russian military aircraft have entered Ukrainian airspace on several occasions, amid rising tension in the east of the country. A Pentagon spokesman called on Russia to "de-escalate the situation". The statement came as the G7 group of industrialised countries agreed on Saturday to "swiftly" impose fresh sanctions on Russia over Ukraine.  

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