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“Global Resurgence of Anti - Semitism”
by Prophecy News Watch   
March 26th, 2014

The first half of the last century was plagued with deep seated hatred of Jews. This hatred culminated in the Holocaust, 6 million European Jews killed by the Nazi regime ruled by Adolf Hitler. For the next several decades, anti-Semitism, or the hatred of the Jews due to their heritage, declined in most areas of the world, even in the areas where the Holocaust occurred.

Many governments passed laws aimed at protecting their Jewish citizens. Various organizations developed to educate and increase awareness and acceptance of the Jewish people.

According to researcher and author, Joel Rosenberg, in a new US poll, “80% of respondents fear a rise in ant-Semitism around the world that may turn violent and once again lead to attempts to eradicate the Jewish people.”

“Across the board, Americans of all ages, income groups, ethnic groups, religions, political ideologies, and regions, fear a “Second Holocaust” may be coming if world leaders do not take decisive action to stop Iran before it is too late.”

Jews continue to be relatively safe in America, due to our traditions of tolerance and liberty. However, increased anti-Semitism is being reported.
Around the world, however, there has been a significant rise in anti-Semitism. A 2013 report by the European Jewish Congress and Tel Aviv University, documents a 30% increase in serious anti-Semitic incidents.

These incidents include everything from violent attacks on Jews, to vandalism of Jewish cemeteries and places of worship. The aforementioned report states that 40% of these attacks involved physical violence.

While not arousing undue concern about the level of rising anti-Semitism, Indiana University Professor of Jewish Studies, Joel Rosenfeld, states that considering its history, anti-Semitism is always a potential problem.

Interestingly, the Internet has allowed anti-Semitic groups to recruit followers who might not openly attend a meeting or group. Such sites as, and, dispense anti-Jewish propaganda and promote hatred of the Jews and Israel.

Recently, Facebook came under fire from a group known as Stop Hate on Facebook. This group claimed that FB allows ant-Semitic groups to flourish on Facebook while sanctioning other hate speech and quickly removing the FB pages.

The rise of Islamic extremism has contributed to this upsurge in anti-Semitism. In a PEW Research Poll, 2011, those polled in Muslim-majority nations harbored overwhelmingly negative attitudes toward Jews.

“The Muslim Brotherhood, with an 80 year track record of Jewish hatred”, is viewed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal center, as the greatest Anti-Semitic threat.

Not only does the Brotherhood have enormous impact in the Middle East, Muslims all over the world are influenced by their venom. MB leaders repeatedly call for the annihilation of the Jews and the Jewish state.

In Islamist Pakistan, where there are virtually no Jews living, anti-Semitism is flourishing.

The Ayatollahs’ in Iran, call for the complete destruction of the Jews and Israel, and consider themselves at war with the Jews.

While the two largest factions of Islam, Shia and Sunni, do not agree on much, they do share a mutual hatred of the Jewish people and a desire to eradicate Israel.

In Greece, Hungary, and the Ukraine, anti-Semites are openly serving in parliament and official bodies. This trend is attributed to Islamic extremism, Neo-Nazi groups, and far left political ideologies.

The Golden Dome Party of Greece openly uses German Nazi Party emblems and publicly holds to anti-Semitic doctrine.

Despite 500,000 Hungarian Jews dying in the Holocaust, the Neo-Nazi Jobbik party has gained 17% of the parliament seats.
Svodoba, a neo-Nazi political group in the Ukraine, won 37 seats in parliament in the last election. Reports of growing ant-Semitism are coming out of Latin America as well.

Due to this rise in anti-Semitism, up to 50% of Jews in some areas reported considering emigration to Israel or other more tolerant areas.

It should also be noted that despite the atrocities committed by ruthless dictators in countries like North Korea and others, Israel has been targeted by the United Nations with more “allegations” of human rights violations, than any other country.

Today’s anti-Semitism may converge with anti-Zionism, a refusal to recognize the State of Israel’s right to exist.

The BDS movement, Boycott, Divest, Sanction, seeks to delegitimize the Jewish state through economic means.

Prophetically, God predicted the hatred and persecution of the Jews throughout history. The Bible book of Deuteronomy details the punishment of Israel for disobedience and idolatry.

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