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“Laodicean - New Evangelicalism”
by Art Sadlier   
June 1st, 2008

We have witnessed nearly 70 years of new evangelicalism. When new evangelicalism took its divergent fork in the road in 1948, it was thought to be a slight course correction. Now many new evangelicals find themselves on a totally different road. Unless fundamentalists obey the Bible by separating from disobedient brethren, we will find ourselves with them on a broad road, totally different than the one on which we set out.

Charles Spurgeon said, “long ago I ceased to count heads, truth is usually in the minority in this evil world”. “The battles of Scripture were always won by an obedient minority, not a diverse majority”. John Ashbrook said, “Thousands of Churches have fallen to new evangelicalism while trying to be silent fundamentalists. At the same time the Bible believing Church was stolen (by vocal new evangelicals)”.

He also said, “the most dangerous deviation is the one closest to your own position. New evangelicalism sprang out of fundamentalism. It is a movement of brethren. The lie of new evangelicalism has deceived more fundamentalists than the siren of ecumenism.

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