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“The Gathering Storm”
by Irwin cotler   
June 1st, 2008

The Gathering Storm

Irwin Cotler

The incendiary hate language emanating from Ahmadinejad’s Iran – in which Israel is referred to as “filthy bacteria” and a “cancerous tumor” and Jews are characterized as “a bunch of bloodthirsty barbarians” – is only the head wind of the gathering storm confronting Israel on its 60th anniversary.

Indeed, we are witnessing, and have been for some time, a series of mega-events, political earthquakes, that have been impacting not only upon Israel and world Jewry but upon the human condition as a whole.

These include:

@ state-sanctioned incitement to genocide in Ahmadinejad’s Iran (and I use that term to distinguish it from the many publics and peoples in Iran who are themselves the object of massive state repression) dramatized by the parading of a Shihab-3 missile in the streets of Teheran draped with the emblem “Wipe Israel off the map”;

@ symmetrical terrorist militias confronting Israel, in particular Hamas in the south and Hezbollah in the north. These are not simply – though that would be threatening enough – terrorist in their instrumentality, but genocidal in their purpose as they openly and avowedly seek the destruction of Israel and anti-Jewish in their ideology. Both, by their own acknowledgement, demonize Judaism and Jews, not just Israel and the Israeli, as “the sons of monkeys and pigs” and “defilers of Islam”;

@ the globalization of a totalitarian, radical Islam that threatens not only Jews and Israel but international peace and security, while warning Muslims who seek peace with Israel that they will “burn in the Umma of Islam”;

@ the fragility, even erosion, of the Lebanon-Hezbollah divides, aided and abetted by the Iranian-Syrian pincer movements and further exacerbated in the present Lebanese-Hezbollah warfare;

@ the phenomenon of radicalized home-grown extremism, fuelled by Internet incitement, threatening the security of Jewish communities in the Diaspora;

@ exploding energy prices, with oil at $120 a barrel – six times what it was just six years ago – with the windfall billions of petrodollars encouraging and financing rogue states like Iran. Every $1 increase in the price of a barrel of oil represents millions more in the coffers of Iran;

@ the ugly canard of double loyalty, where the Jewish and Israeli lobbies are accused of acting in a matter inimical to the American and European national interest, as if it is somehow “un-American” or “un-European” to petition government for redress of grievances, an Orwellian politics of intimidation that chills free speech and public advocacy;

@ the trahison des clercs – betrayal of the elites – of which the UK is a case study, exemplified in the calls for academic, trade union, journalist, medical and intellectual boycotts of Israeli and Jewish nationals;

the singling out of Israel for differential and discriminatory treatment in the international arena, as when the UN Human Rights Council, the repository for human rights standards-setting, adopted 10 resolutions of condemnation against one member state of the international community, Israel, in its first year of operation alone; while the major human rights violators – Iran, Sudan, China – enjoyed exculpatory immunity;

@ the emergence of a new, escalating, global, virulent and even lethal anti-Semitism.

The Jewish people are the only people that still inhabit the same land, embrace the same religion, study the same Torah, hearken to the same prophets, speak the same aboriginal language – Hebrew – and bear the same aboriginal name, Israel, as it did 3.400 years ago.

The writer is the Member of Parliament for Mount Royal and the former minister of justice and attorney general of Canada. He is a professor of law (on leave) at McGill University and has written extensively on human rights and Middle-East issues.

Editors Note: - We regret that space does not permit us to print the entire article. In this dark hour for Israel we remind ourselves of God’s promises to Israel. “Hear the Word of the Lord, O ye nations, and declare it in the Isles afar off, and say, He that scattered Israel will gather him, and keep him, as a shepherd doth His flock.” Jeremiah 31:10

We believe God is about to judge and chasten Israel and renew and restore her.

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