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“Many Were the Miracles”
by Unknown   
December 25th, 2014

Many were the miracles the night of Jesus birth; The wonders of the eastern sky, The signs upon the earth.

Mary was a miracle  By prophets long foretold; A virgin bringing forth a Son, Amazing to behold!

But the miracle of miracles, The wonder of it all, Was not the virgin Mary, The stable or the stall;

It was that God Himself had come, Incarnate as a child, That God and sinful man might be reconciled.

Angels from the realms on high  To lowly shepherds came, Wise men saw the star appear, Announcing Christ the King;

To guide them on their journey west, Their precious gifts to bring. But the miracle of miracles was not the eastern star. 

The angels near to Bethlehem, Or wise men from afar; It was that God himself had come. incarnate as a child,

That God and sinful men might be Forever reconciled.   (unknown)

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