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“Human Rights for Apes?”
by David Kupelin   
April 1st, 2007

An international movement is growing to grant human rights and “personhood” to apes.

Elevating animals up to the level of human beings - as actor Steven Segal, one of PETA’s celebrity advocates, puts it, “We have to view all life as equal” - is a round about way of saying that human beings are no more than animals and therefore have no souls.

For many, there is great comfort and “freedom” in believing that there is no soul, because if there is no soul, there is no God, no divine judgment, no accountability - you get the picture.

We’re animals, so we act like animals, we do what animals do. They eat each other, mate in the street, run around naked – kind of like the ‘60s again, with “sex, drugs and rock ’n roll.”

The animal rights radicals don’t really love animals. They just want to be their own gods. The way you become your own god is to deny the real one.

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