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by From the Internet   
August 1st, 2013

El Nino Euro model (ECMWF) vs. JMA CMC UKMET GFS July 31, 2013 by Meteorologist Rob Guarino
The waters off the coast of Mexico are warm and continue to spawn a now active Pacific Hurricane season from Mexico to Hawaii. The ocean flow above shows warmer waters pooling in the Western Pacific Ocean at this hour and this may be a "small" sign of a transport east over the next 6 months.  

NSA director heckled at hacker conference
Alexander spent much of his 45-minute address explaining how government methods used to collect telephone and email data helped foil 54 terror plots since 1993. He was interrupted at times by hecklers, but also drew applause. "Our nation takes stopping terrorism as one of the most important things," he said, standing in short sleeves with a slide on the screen behind him showing a timeline and the number of foiled plots.  

Is New York City the Next Detroit?
New York State has the 33rd highest unemployment rate in the country. New York City’s unemployment rate is even higher at 8.3%. In June, New York City, with a population of 8 million, added just 3,100 jobs. Most of those jobs were in the city’s tourism trade which bulks up during the summer. While Bloomberg was playing hooky, using city resources to push gun laws in other states, the specter of Motown was creeping over the Big Apple.  

Santa not swimming: No lake at North Pole, scientist says
Amid all the frenzy caused by photos that appear to show a lake where one would expect to find the polar ice cap, scientists are just now starting to explain what exactly the images are portraying.  

'The Israeli Government Has Surrendered the Temple Mount'
Activists call for mass-protests after police say Judaism's holiest site will be closed to Jews at least until after Ramadan, on August 11. In an "unprecedented" move, police on Wednesday informed Jewish groups that the Temple Mount will be closed to all non-Muslims until at least the end of Ramadan, on 11th August. The announcement has provoked renewed anger over anti-Jewish discrimination on the Temple Mount, and sparked calls by activists for a mass-protest on 7th August, at the start of the Hebrew month of Elul.  

Five indicted in massive hacking scheme
Five men from Russia and Ukraine have been indicted in New Jersey for charges they conspired with each other in a worldwide hacking scheme targeting major corporate networks that compromised more than 160 million credit card numbers, the U.S. Department of Justice announced. The men allegedly attacked the networks of several companies, including Nasdaq, 7-Eleven, JCP, Dow Jones and Hannaford, the DOJ said. Companies reported $300 million in losses from the attacks, the DOJ said in a press release.  

Mutilated Cows Found at Missouri Farm, Police Not Ruling Out the Possibility of Aliens
Who would cut the tongues and take the reproductive organs from several cows? That’s the mystery police in a small town 90 miles away from Kansas City are dealing with. Robert Hills, Henry County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy, says the first cow was discovered in December of 2011, the second and third this summer. All were female cows and were owned by rancher Lyn Mitchell.  

New Snowden leak: NSA program taps all you do online
You've never heard of XKeyscore, but it definitely knows you. The National Security Agency's top-secret program essentially makes available everything you've ever done on the Internet — browsing history, searches, content of your emails, online chats, even your metadata — all at the tap of the keyboard. ...XKeyscore is its "widest reaching" system for developing intelligence from the Internet.  

NSA’s XKeyscore program has nearly limitless access to all Internet activity
PowerPoint training materials obtained by The Guardian show how analysts could use the system to mine sprawling agency databases consisting of a vast reservoir of data. At least 41 billion records were collected and stored in a single 30-day period in 2012, according to the report, which also says XKeyscore collects more than 20 terabytes of information daily, including emails, chats, social media interactions, and even browsing histories—all in real-time.  

US and Pakistan to resume key high-level security talks
US Secretary of State John Kerry has agreed to resume high-level talks over security issues with Pakistan. The agreement was made after Mr Kerry met senior Pakistani politicians, including new PM Nawaz Sharif. The talks were stalled after 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in US air strikes on a Pakistani post on the Afghan border in 2011.  

Message decoded: 3,000-year-old text sheds light on biblical history
The mysterious language is actually the oldest form of written Hebrew, placing the ancient Israelites in Jerusalem earlier than previously believed.  

Honduras declares state of emergency over dengue fever
Honduras has declared a state of emergency after an outbreak of dengue fever which has killed 16 people so far this year. More than 12,000 people have been diagnosed with the disease, which causes high fever and joint pains. Officials say that in more than 1,800 cases, there is a risk of internal bleeding and death.  

Brazil refused to back more IMF money for Greece
Brazil's executive director at the IMF Wednesday (31 July) revealed he did not support a decision earlier this week for the fund to continue supporting Greece. Paulo Nogueira Batista’s highly unusual comments came as the IMF the same day said that Greece is facing a €10.9bn gap in its government finances - €4.4bn for 2014 and €6.5bn for 2015.  

Days before Rouhani to be sworn in, US House sends message to Iran with harsh new sanctions
The US House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday containing punishing new sanctions against Iran, entrenching the US position on the Islamic Republic's controversial nuclear program just days before the inauguration of their new president, Hassan Rouhani. The Senate is expected to support the legislation...targeting what remains of Iran's oil sector...  

The CommonWealth of Abrahamic States
The reason I am not optimistic about this round of talks succeeding is that whatever the Netanyahu government and the United States are offering the Palestinians, it will be less than what they think they will get if they pursued the path of the United Nations and internationalization of the conflict. There are no indications that Palestinians are getting ready to end their struggle  

Syrian president tells troops he is sure of victory
The Syrian president has lauded his military troops, saying they are fighting the “fiercest” war but that he is confident they will win in the country’s conflict.  

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