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“Global Religious TV Network”
April 1st, 2007

The Vatican is on the verge of launching not just its own television station, but a global television network! With the call sign H20, the network is due to be launched by the end of the year, offering a mix of news and original entertainment in seven languages.

Benedict sees clearly that the power of the British and American peoples is rapidly waning. He sees their increasing lack of political will. He witnesses the sham of their pseudo-religiosity. He perceives their youth directionless, increasingly their minds perverted by unwittingly allowing the exploitation by a multiplicity of forces that are both character and soul destroying. He also sees the power of the primary force which is bending their minds – the power of mass media, via the music, film, video, web-based and telephonic sources so freely placed at their disposal.

So! Right at the juncture at where the masses are clamoring for an enlightening form of entertainment, Benedict xvi is about to go global with the Vatican’s own brand of religious entertainment via its own global television network.

Take my word for it or not, the day will soon dawn when that network will air shows of a nature that will leave the public absolutely spellbound! In time to come, the Vatican will produce religious entertainment which will make Hollywood box-office hits on religious themes look more like Disney cartoons by comparison. The visions coming down the tube from Vatican-networked TV will literally hypnotize their global audience with their out-of-this-world, mind-shattering imagery.

By examining Bible prophecy, we can easily picture the impact a global religious network like the one the Vatican is planning could have a successful future. Rapture alert.

You can envision Protestants of every stripe buying into this. This would appear to be preparation for Rev. 13: 13-15.

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