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“Revelation 6:1,2 part # 2 - Exploring Revelation”
by Art Sadlier   
June 28th, 2020

The judgments of the tribulation period have begun. The first jugment is an unexpected one. The first judgment in verse 1,2 is not the kind of thing we normally associate with the judgments of the revelation. We discover in the first judgment there is no bloodshed, no armed conflict. We discover that antichrist conquers, gains control of the world without a shot being fired.

We discovered the method he uses, is his charistmatic personalty, performing signs and wonders and miracles. All the while promising peace and prosperity, promising solutions to mankinds vexing problems.

We see the first judgment of God is unexpected and strange. The methods of this first judgment are detailed in 2 Thess. 2:9-11. This judgment is clearly spelled out in verse :11, "that they should believe a lie". Thats it! Thats the first seal judgment!

Jesus refers to this first seal judgment in Mt. 24:4,5,24, he calls it deception.

And so the tribulation period begins, antichrist comes in peace, offering peace to the world, prosperity, equality, fairness and justice. A great wave of euphoria sweeps over the world. A new world order, the final step in man's evolution, man becomes a god. Peace at last, great rejoicing fills the hearts of men and women everywhere!

The world now has a leader, a true world leader, dynamic, benevolent, wise, with the ability to do the impossible. The world is in love with him, they have total confidence in him.

Even Israel accepts him as their Messiah, John 5:43, a judgment for not receiving Christ, judicial blindness.

The troublesome Christians have disappeared! The newspapers report that they have been carried away by UFOs. All kinds of rumors abound about what has happened to them. The world no longer feels the rebuke of their righteous lives, however there are still lots of professing christians around. Many churches are still filled on Sundays. It seems to be the narrow minded, bigoted type of christians who have disappeared, and they are soon forgotten.

The new golden age dawns, the anticipation of new freedoms, new prosperity fills the air everywhere. All of the old restraints and all of the old taboos about whatever you want to do, are suddenly gone, Psalm 2:3.

Liquor stores are never closed, anti-gambling laws are gone, drugs and pot are legalized, prostitution is legalized, opportunity to indulge in whatever you want, all restraints are thrown off. No one is condemned for doing anything! The whole world is on a giant party! The biggest binge ever seen!

Perhaps for the first time in human history there are no wars, the world is at peace, Lebanon, Israel, Gaza, Africa, afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Soon our great leader will have food flowing to the hungry everwhere, homes for the homeless, every problem solved.

This is the new age, the new world order. Men have discovered a new inner potential to do whatever must be done to bring about this new age that will fulfil their dreams. Men have discovered that they can be gods, or so they think. Thats the message of the new age movement, even today. Multiplied millions today are believing this gospel of the new age, but it is a lie! It is a lie that is sweeping our world.

It is "the lie", that satan told Eve in the garden of Eden, Gen.3:5. That is the big lie that antichrist will preach, the lie that God will cause men to believe, 2 Thess. 2:11

Men everywhere today have imbibed of this new age philosophy. We have the inner potential to turn our lives around, to turn our world into a utopia. Men wll be intoxicated with optimism and enthusiasm in anticipation of this seemingly, marvellous new age.

At this point in time, there will not be a believer in the whole world. The rapture has just taken place, the 144,000 have not yet begun to be saved. The ominus warning of 1 Thess. 5:3 is unheard, "For when they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them,..."

We have an old testment picture of this whole scenario, it is found in Daniel 5: Read about it. O listen! God will not be mocked!

At this point, the rider on the red horse rides onto the world scene, it is the same rider, but he has changed horses. but that is for next week.

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