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“Tensions are Rising in Northern Israel, Lebanon and Syria”
by Art Sadlier   
April 28th, 2013

On Saturday May 4, Israel bombed targets in Lebanon and Syria.

Israeli military activity is reported in Lebanon Saturday and Sunday, May 4-5 and not just over Syria.
US sources said earlier Israeli warplanes had struck targets in Syria including a chemical weapons depot outside Damascus, firing missiles remotely from Lebanese air space and the Golan starting Friday and continuing up until early Saturday.

An Israeli official has confirmed an Israeli Air Force strike on Syria early Saturday which targeted a shipment of advanced weapons, specifically “long-range ground-to-ground missiles.” Israeli leaders have vowed to do everything necessary to prevent advanced weapons including anti-air S-17 and Scuds, or unconventional weapons such as chemicals being sent out of Syria to the Lebanese Hizballah.

One Lebanese source claimed Israeli ground troops had descended from the Mt. Dov-Hermon range, crossed the Lebanese border and entered the Shebaa Farms region.

None of these reports are confirmed by Israel, Lebanon or Syria. But debkafile notes that if Israeli troops have indeed penetrated Lebanon to a depth of 5-7 kilometers and reached the Shebaa Farms, they have taken up positions opposite the 30 Syrian Shiite villages guarded by incoming Iranian elite Basij militiamen.

Debkafile reported exclusively Friday, that thousands of Basij militiamen had just been airlifted from Iran to Syria, establishing an Iranian military presence opposite Israel from Syria as well as Lebanon. They joined a comparable number of Hizbollah militiamen fighting for the Bashar regime.

Judging by the number of landings, our military and intelligence sources estimate that so far around 6,000-8,000 Iranian troops have arrived in Syria or are on the way.

Given the rush of adverse military developments across Israel’s northern borders, its operations in Syria and Lebanon are expected to continue and even expand.
This is also indicated by last week’s mobilization of thousands of reservists for an event termed by the IDF spokesman “a military exercise” beginning Sunday, May 5 along Israel’s borders with Syria and Lebanon.

The implications are clear that Iran is taking full responsibility for Al Assad’s defence against the rebels. This could well turn into takeover of all Syria by Iran. It seems that Iran is building up her troops on Israel’s northern border.

Obama has just made it clear that no US troops will be sent to Syria. Israel is forced to confront this move by Iran to place an army on Israel’s border.

It has also been noted that Russia has moved to come to Syria’s aid against the rebels. Russia has also pledged arms to build up Hezbollah.

These are very significant developments. Though neither Iran nor Russia is involved in the war of Psalm 83, this could be the further stage setting for this war. The whole Mideast scenario has been, for some time now, heading toward a climactic war.

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